Bernard-Henri Lévy: Stop Shooting at Obama

And so Obama has lost. As expected, though less than predicted and, especially, much less than the Tea Party whack jobs had hoped, the electorate delivered a vote of sanction. Moreover, he himself immediately recognized the fact — with a simplicity, an elegance, and an attitude of fair play that inspire admiration. That said, the […]

Subdued Obama says suffered a voter "shellacking"

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A chastened President Barack Obama on Wednesday pledged to seek compromise with Republicans who won big in congressional elections and admitted he had lost touch with voters who delivered a “shellacking” to him and his Democrats. Read the full story from Reuters

Sally Thorner: Poppy Day

This was supposed to be a post about Election Day from the sidelines. My first since 1978 neither voting nor reporting the results. We are in Vancouver, British Columbia and ‘though I mailed my absentee ballot I feel a world away from the civic pride that comes with going to the polls or the excitement […]

How Harry Reid Won

LAS VEGAS — Republicans said for months that if the Nevada Senate race was a referendum on Harry Reid, the unpopular Majority Leader would lose. Reid didn’t let that happen. He adeptly painted opponent Sharron Angle as an extremist immediately after she won her primary – and proceeded to make the contest as much about […]

Oregon Governor Election Results: Oregon Live Projects John Kitzhaber As Winner Over Chris Dudley

On Wednesday evening, the Oregonian called the Beaver State’s 2010 midterm election for Governor for Democratic candidate John Kitzhaber over Republican opponent Chris Dudley. The local news outlet reports: Although Republican Chris Dudley continues to hold a slim lead, mathematical calculations based on statewide voting trends show Kitzhaber is likely to overtake him and win […]

House Democratic Leadership Fight On Hold As Pelosi Weighs Options

The House Democratic leadership scramble — if there is to be one — is on hold for now. Defeated Democrats spent Wednesday taking stock of their historic 60-plus seat drubbing and awaiting word from Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) about whether she wants to be their Minority Leader. Many Democrats had previously figured that if they […]

Pelosi mulls future after Republicans win House

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Democrat Nancy Pelosi, the first female speaker of the House of Representatives, said on Wednesday she had not decided what to do after Republicans take over the chamber in January, ending her four-year tenure. Read the full story from Reuters