Some complaints surface amid stepped-up efforts to monitor voting fraud

Tea party supporters became poll watchers in precincts across Houston to guard against voter fraud. A fight over absentee ballots erupted as an issue in Pennsylvania. Democrats in Delaware accused Republicans of voter intimidation, and the Kansas attorney general is looking into deceptive calls… Read the full story from The Washington Post”

Resurgent Republicans take back control of the House

Republicans captured control of the House on Tuesday, all but ensuring that a chamber that has been the primary accelerator of President Obama’s ambitious agenda will instead begin crafting legislation that would seek to undo it. Read the full story from The Washington Post”

Economic worries overshadow all others

Voters heading to the polls Tuesday have watched ads warning them about the threat of China and the dangers of illegal immigration. They have heard candidates rail against the stimulus bill, the new health-care law and the federal deficit. They have received phone calls at dinner time reminding them… Read the full story from The […]