Justice Dept says election won’t alter crimefighting

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The big Republican gains during the midterm elections will not change the Obama administration’s approach to prosecuting crime, a top U.S. Justice Department official said on Thursday, amid criticism the department has been slow to prosecute Wall Street. Read the full story from Reuters

Judith S. Palfrey: Speaking Up For Kids: Not a Political Choice

As the dust settles on the results of this week’s mid-term elections– a Republican majority in the House led by a new Speaker and a narrow Democratic majority in the Senate–one thing is clear: no matter who sits in Congress, speaking up for kids is not a political choice. Everything happening on Capitol Hill has […]

Where Obama Goes From Here: Joe Klein

But Obama’s real agenda will be to outwit and outmaneuver the Republicans, as Clinton did after his shellacking in 1994, so that he can live to fight another term. He will have to make concessions — graciously, as if he believed in them (as Clinton did with welfare reform). But he’ll also have to sense […]

Paul Helmke: Gun Violence Victims Deserve "Do Something" Congress

An angry electorate… More divided than during the Bush years… Marked by nasty ads and commentary, over-the-top rhetoric, and even violence. These are just some of the ways that political observers have described American voters and the 2010 mid-term elections. Without a doubt, many election contests were bitterly fought and divisive. Now comes the hard […]

Obama’s India visit may be more style than substance

NEW DELHI (Reuters) – A weakened President Barack Obama visits India this week to counter perceptions he has relegated the Asian power behind rivals China and Pakistan, but he may struggle to seal deals to help usher in billions of dollars of business. Read the full story from Reuters

Obama to meet congressional leaders on November 18

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama said on Thursday he invited Democratic and Republican congressional leaders to the White House on November 18 to discuss issues that could be tackled in what remains of this year’s congressional term. Read the full story from Reuters