Obama: Hopes Russia arms pact ratified this year

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama said on Thursday he hoped the Senate would ratify a new nuclear arms treaty with Russia before the end of this year’s congressional term. Read the full story from Reuters

China says consensus in U.S. is for good China ties

BEIJING (Reuters) – The consensus for both major U.S. political parties is to maintain good relations with China, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said on Thursday in the country’s first official response to this week’s mid-term U.S. elections. Read the full story from Reuters

Republicans vow to roll back Obama agenda

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Exuberant Republicans vowed on Wednesday to exercise their new power in Congress to roll back some of President Barack Obama’s key accomplishments, but a somber Obama said voters wanted both parties to work harder to find common ground. Read the full story from Reuters

Two faces will represent a divided America

Two faces will represent a divided America

United on almost nothing, Barack Obama and John Boehner are the two faces of America’s divided government, the humbled president and the triumphant House leader. Both claim to speak for the people, yet they have had little to say to each other. This is the relationship that will drive everything. On first appearance, both men […]