In book, Bush strongly defends use of waterboarding

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – When then-President George W. Bush was asked to approve a tough interrogation technique known as waterboarding on September 11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, he wasted little time in deciding. Read the full story from Reuters

Henry: Does Obama get it?

As I walked into the East Room for President Obama’s post-shellacking, a colleague from another organization joked, “Get ready for 17 versions of the same question.” Read the full story from CNN

Republicans to attack healthcare law funding

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. congressional Republicans will try to repeal President Barack Obama’s healthcare law next year but their leader in the Senate acknowledged on Thursday they will likely have to settle for far more modest changes. Read the full story from Reuters

The Media Consortium: Weekly Diaspora: Immigration Reform Falls to the GOP

by Catherine A. Traywick, Media Consortium blogger The precarious fate of comprehensive immigration reform has fallen into the hands of staunch nativists. With Republicans now leading the House and a new crop of anti-immigrant governors stepping up to bat, the road to immigration reform just became more arduous than ever. The results of the mid-term […]

Jim Jaffe: Lobbyists Win Again

Among the biggest winners in this week’s elections were members of the only group that also got a lift from the 2008 election – America’s lobbyists. They make money when clients sense the political environment is changing. Whether it is becoming increasingly friendly or hostile – which isn’t entirely clear for some groups like those […]

Mark Shriver: Election Day: The 74 Million Americans Who Had No Voice

Tuesday was a historic demonstration of the power of democracy to force change in domestic policy, for better or for worse. That the American people — not kings, dictators or presidents — hold the power over our nation’s destiny is at the fundamental core of our moral greatness and our record of achievement for the […]