Robert Kuttner: What Lessons of Election Day?

One of the myths of this stunted political moment is that Barack Obama “tried to do too much,” and that purist, ungrateful liberals are mad at him over things like the absence of a public option in his heath bill. This is dangerous nonsense, and it matters because these widespread views among the pundit class […]

Senate: The Daily 10

Obama had a little morning-after breakfast with Senate nominee Alexi Giannoulias. Read the full story from Politico

House: The Daily 10

A new poll out Sunday presents a grim picture for New Mexico Rep. Martin Heinrich. Read the full story from Politico

Republicans say voters will repudiate Obama

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – With two days left in a bitter fight for control of Congress, Republicans on Sunday appeared headed to a smashing victory they said would be a repudiation of President Barack Obama and his policies. Read the full story from Reuters

Richard Greene: The 10 Reasons to Vote

The party that controls the House of Representatives or the Senate determines the policies and direction of America. When you vote for a candidate on November 2, you are also voting for an entire party. Check the positions you agree with and see which party most reflects your values and then vote accordingly. Each of […]