Steve Clemons: Jeb Bush: Silky Sullivan Surprise in 2012?

I don’t care what he says and don’t care what the analysts think, my hunch is that Jeb Bush may be lurking way behind in the shadows preparing to run in 2012 — and that could be a very tough race for President Obama. And even if he doesn’t then, he’s only 63 in 2016. […]

Jameel Jaffer: Secrets

Which secrets should be kept, and which should be exposed? Those questions are at the heart of Doug Liman’s new film, Fair Game, which tells the story of Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame. Joe Wilson, remember, was the former U.S. diplomat who exposed one of the many false claims made by the Bush administration in […]

Regular citizens have big security role: Napolitano

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia (Reuters) – Regular citizens around the world need to realize they can play a big role in thwarting terrorist attacks, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Saturday. Read the full story from Reuters

Biden Asked Olbermann For Anger Advice: NYT

In an interview conducted before his suspension from MSNBC, Keith Olbermann revealed that Vice President Joe Biden once asked him for tips on how to channel his anger. Olbermann told the New York Times Magazine’s Deborah Solomon that, when he was still in the Senate, Biden had “asked me for advice about how to turn […]

Marge Baker: Power in Words

The results of this week’s midterm elections have spawned multiple analyses about why voters seem so disaffected with the Democrats and with President Obama. After rescuing the economy from global collapse, expanding healthcare to millions of Americans, securing measures to protect consumers from Wall Street excess, Democrats got hammered at the polls. Why weren’t they […]

Obama wins India business

MUMBAI (Reuters) – President Barack Obama announced $10 billion in business deals on Saturday as he arrived in India to boost U.S. exports and jobs after a mauling in mid-term polls, but he ran into immediate controversy over Pakistan. Read the full story from Reuters

Earl Ofari Hutchinson: Congressional Black Caucus Chair Barbara Lee Says Democrats Will Fight On

In an exclusive interview with New America Media Associate Editor and Huffington Post contributor Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Congressional Black Caucus Chairperson Barbarba Lee discusses the election, the GOP takeover, working with the GOP and Tea Party influenced House members, and the role of the Congressional Black Caucus. The interview was a New America Media production. […]

Joan Z. Shore: Send in the Clowns

It would take the sharp satire of Aristophanes, Voltaire, or Jonathan Swift to accurately describe the political landscape in America these days. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert can’t do it. And their Rally (with a capital R!) in Washington last Saturday was arguably the most infantile and useless event since the Children’s Crusade. Happily, less […]