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States could face blowback if they reject Obamacare

For Gov. Rick Perry, saying “no” to the federal health care law could also mean turning away up to 1.3 million Texans, nearly half the uninsured people who could be newly eligible for coverage in his state. Gov. Chris Christie not only would be saying “no” to President Barack Obama, but to as many as 245,000 uninsured New Jersey residents as well. The Supreme Court’s recent ruling gave governors new flexibility to reject what some Republicans deride as “Obamacare.” But there’s a downside, too. States that reject the law’s Medicaid expansion risk leaving behind many of their low-income uninsured residents
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Palin, Paul & Trump: Three potential nightmares for the Republican convention

Republicans have a problem Actually, they have three problems. Sarah Palin, Ron Paul and Donald Trump. Three personalities from the party’s fringe, three extremists with rabid followings, three potential troublemakers who could turn the Republican National Convention into a political nightmare. So far, convention’s controlling authority — the Republican National Committee — has not extended speaking invitations to Palin, Paul or Trump and the followers of each consider that a snub. The party shudders at the thought of Trump bringing the birther issue to the floor of the convention or Palin throwing out verbal bombshells.  Of the three, Paul brings
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Stalled budget talks could put two million more Americans out of work

Automatic cuts in federal spending will cost the economy more than 2 million jobs, from defense contracting to border security to education, if Congress fails to resolve the looming budget crisis, according to an analysis released Tuesday. The study, obtained by The Associated Press, was conducted for the Aerospace Industries Association, but it examined the shared pain for defense and domestic programs from the across-the-board reductions slated to kick in Jan. 2. The cuts would reduce the nation’s gross domestic product by $215 billion next year while consumer confidence would plummet, said the report by Dr. Stephen Fuller of George
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Romney’s promised education reforms never happened in Massachusetts

Mitt Romney took over as Massachusetts governor in 2003 with a sweeping plan to overhaul the state’s public college system to cut waste, reduce costs and boost efficiency. “This is my opportunity to be bold,” he said in announcing the plan. But when Romney left office four years later, not a lot had changed. His strongest mark on higher education was for a merit scholarship program he championed for top high school students. Romney’s restructuring plan was stymied by a Democratic-run state Legislature where many lawmakers were irked about his bitter public feud with William Bulger, the University of Massachusetts
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Romney unleashes counter-attack on Obama charges

A counterattacking Mitt Romney is seeking to shift political attention away from his business tenure and his tax returns with a fresh assault on President Barack Obama’s record. Obama, anxious about losing a financial edge in the contest, is turning to Republican-tilted Texas to raise money from gay, Latino and big-dollar donors. Romney planned to campaign in the Pittsburgh area Tuesday, stepping up his criticism of Obama in a state that has proven to be a tough presidential battleground for the Republican Party. Romney is accusing Obama of engaging in cronyism, citing federal grants and loan guarantees to alternative energy
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Romney in damage control mode against Romney’s attacks

Mitt Romney demanded Monday that President Barack Obama back away from his persistent attacks on Romney’s record at Bain Capital, advising that it would be better “if you spent some time speaking about your record.” “What does it say about a president whose record is so poor that all he can do in this campaign is attack me,” Romney said in a nationally broadcast interview. Obama said an interview that he has run mostly positive campaign ads but said they have not been given much attention in the media. In his interview on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” Romney
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Apology for attacks on Romney? No way, says Obama

President Barack Obama says he will not apologize to likely Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney for an aide’s comment last week that false filings to a government regulator could bring a felony charge. “No. We will not apologize,” Obama said in an interview taped Saturday with WAVY-TV in Portsmouth, Va., and posted on the station’s website Sunday. “Mr. Romney claims he’s Mr. Fix-it for the economy because of his business experience, so I think voters entirely legitimately want to know what is exactly his business experience.” Obama spent two days campaigning in tightly contested Virginia last week, reminding voters of
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Goodbye MSNBC, hello NBCNews.Com. The always uneasy, often turbulent 16-year marriage between software giant Microsoft and the National Broadcasting Company is over.  Both parties announced the breakup late Sunday night and MSNC.Com became NBCNews.Com just as fast. Microsoft says it will develop its own online news operation, which will launch in the fall. The TV news channel, MSNBC, will continue to operate under its current name.  Microsoft sold its stake in the TV challen in 2005.
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The Ron Paul revolution ends with rejection in Nebraska

Ron Paul‘s quest for some role at the Republican National Convention in Tampa next month came to a quick, decisive end Saturday when the Nebraska GOP convention gave the bulk of its 35 delegates to presumptive nominee Mitt Romney. Paul needed to capture a majority of Nebraska’s delegates to guarantee an official role, speaking slot and nomination from the floor but came away with only two delegates. Paul needed a plurality of delegates from five states to be eligible for nomination as a candidate from the floor of the convention.  He had at least three — and possibly four depending
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Rabid rhetoric resonates over health care repeal, tax cuts

President Barack Obama, campaigning in Virginia Friday, targeted House Republicans for yet another meaningless vote to repeal his health care reform law, nothing that they can vote 33 times on a repeal that will fail in the Senate but they can’t vote once on a middle class tax cut. Said Obama: I notice the House of Representatives, the Republicans in the House of Representatives, they voted to repeal it again. That was the 33rd time they’ve done that—33 votes to repeal the health care bill. All it would take is one vote to make sure that all of you don’t
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