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Cynthia Dill: State Workers Getting Slammed in Maine

“We need to be honest with the Maine people. This isn’t about slamming anybody here; this is about paying your bills,” said Paul LePage, speaking about the hospital debt that had been kicking around for over a decade. The Baldacci administration had of course paid down $3.7 billion on this decades-old “bill,” but the campaign rhetoric about the state “paying what it owes” resonated. Hopefully it still does. The political theatre starring Maine’s unpaid hospital bills was choreographed by Communications Director, Dan Demeritt, who said, “and I’ll even make sure our members know the exact day the exact amount of
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POLLS: Mixed Results On Labor Unions

WASHINGTON – With protests surging in Wisconsin over a law that President Obama described as an “assault on unions,” two new surveys show very different impressions of public employee labor unions among Americans. One finds a net positive rating of unions that represent people who work for state or local governments, while the other finds a two-to-one majority expressing opposition to the notion of public employee unions should “bargain for higher pay, benefits and pensions.” The difference, as usual, hangs on the wording of the questions: Narrow majorities of Americans continue to approve of unions, including public employee unions, though
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Wisconsin Protesters Call On Obama

MADISON, WIS. — President Obama has expressed more support for the protests over Gov. Scott Walker’s (R) controversial budget proposal than perhaps any other national political figure, calling what he’s doing an “assault on unions.” But protesters in Madison, filling up the Wisconsin state Capitol, would like to see him do more: Come out and join them. “I heard Obama went to Portland, Ore. today. I wish he would have stopped here,” said George Nygaard, a resident of LaCrosse who came out to the Capitol on Friday. “We would probably have had 100,000 people here today if he would have.”
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