GOP Climate Change Deniers Running For House Energy Committee

The House Energy Committee is seeing an intense leadership fight, as four different Republicans are vying to take over the influential post from Democratic Rep. Henry Waxman (Calif.), who shepherded progressive climate legislation through the House in 2009, before it foundered in the U.S. Senate. From The Huffington Post

Stuart Connelly: Learn To Tell A Story

I am watching my six-year-old daughter in the saddle, working a mare out during perhaps her third horseback-riding lesson. The ring is open oval, with a steep drop on one long side and a spiky hill hemmed in with large glass mirrors on the other. One of the short sections, where I’m watching with my […]

Congressman Baldwin? A Bishop Loss Might Provide The Opportunity

It’s no secret that the Hamptons’ most famous outspoken citizen, Alec Baldwin, is interested in leaving acting to pursue a career in politics. But Baldwin, who plays Reaganite mogul Jack Donaghy on 30 Rock, was hesitant to challenge fellow Dems in order to run. “The desire is there; that’s one component,” he told CNN last […]

Russ Belville: 10 Lessons Learned from Marijuana Election Defeats

Marijuana supporters nationwide awoke on November 3rd to find they had been defeated in all four statewide initiatives on the ballot. While losing these battles is not good news for our movement, the lessons we’ve learned and coalitions we’ve formed will help us win the war even sooner. California’s Prop 19 received 3.4 million votes […]

Craig Crawford: Was 2008 the Outlier?

How can elections two years apart look so different? But Tuesday’s vote seems to be the norm. Its center-right results fit into the main stream of the last 30 years far more than 2008′s assumed lunge to the left. Even the Democratic congressional sweep of 2006 was actually more in keeping with tradition. Democrats won […]