Michael Melcher: Five Coaching Perspectives on the 2012 Elections

What should we think about the results of the 2012 elections? One option is to question our automatic ways of judging the results. I question my automatic assessments because I’ve grown tired of them. I spent enough time feeling depressed, frustrated and angry during the Bush years, during the impeachment period of the Clinton years, […]

Chris Christie: Christine O’Donnell Created ‘Missed Opportunity To Have A Really Good United States Senator’ (VIDEO)

WASHINGTON — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R), one of the GOP’s rising stars who is pointed to as a model for Republicans in the Northeast, sharply criticized Christine O’Donnell on Sunday, saying her candidacy led to a “missed opportunity” for the party to pick up the Delaware Senate seat. “I think Delaware was a […]

TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads

Well, it’s the Sunday after an Election Day. And a Sunday after a BLOWOUT Election Day. Oh, Democrats, y’all really got your asses handed to you, big time. Here’s the good news: it was mostly because the economy was so terrible. Especially the unemployment side of things. Y’all need to hear that, because I know […]

Gates to Congress: Repeal ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ before new members are seated

Gates to Congress: Repeal ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ before new members are seated

Defense Secretary Robert Gates wants a lame duck session of Congress to repeal the ban on gays serving openly in the military before new, more anti-gay members are sworn in. But he isn’t holding his breath waiting for that to happen. On a trip to Australia for a series of defense and diplomatic confabs, Gates […]

Obama admits ‘mid-course corrections’ needed but remains vague on details

Obama admits ‘mid-course corrections’ needed but remains vague on details

President Barack Obama may be in India but he is haunted by rejection back home and admits he must make what he calls “mid course corrections” if he wants to see a second term to his embattled Presidency. Speaking to college students in Mumbai, India, Obama said voters exercised their “right, obligation and duty” last […]

Bush book not kind to John McCain

Bush book not kind to John McCain

Sen. John McCain never asked then-President George W. Bush to campaign for him in 2008, though Bush thinks he could have helped the Arizona senator. In his forthcoming memoir, “Decision Points,” Bush explores his “complex relationship” with McCain. “I understood he had to establish his independence,” Bush wrote. “I thought it looked defensive for John […]

Indian media say Obama visit hitting right notes

MUMBAI (Reuters) – Indian media on Sunday hailed President Barack Obama’s decision to ease export controls and support India’s membership of powerful nuclear groups, saying he had set the right tone on a visit aimed at winning U.S. jobs. Read the full story from Reuters

U.S. military moves in Asia not aimed at China: Gates

MELBOURNE (Reuters) – U.S. military efforts to strengthen its presence in Asia are not aimed at countering China, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Sunday, ahead of talks on deepening defense ties with regional ally Australia. Read the full story from Reuters