Key Democrat Who Pushed Compromise On Health Care: ‘I Was Right’

MISSOULA, Mont. — The key Senate Democrat who delayed health care reform last year while trying to get Republican buy-in is now facing the uncomfortable reality of his own prediction, leading him to weigh some bipartisan changes to his party’s signature legislation. U.S. Sen. Max Baucus’ reputation as a dealmaker will be put to the […]

Robert Greenwald and Tanene Allison: Thank You, Alan Grayson

Alan Grayson was a hero for progressive politics in Congress. On November 2nd he lost his seat in the House. Watch this video tribute and join us in thanking Alan Grayson for his fearless work. Share your stories of how Grayson inspired and affected you. We have already seen the notes of appreciation start to […]

HuffPost TV: Arianna: Debt Commission Won’t Help Obama Without Jobs Commission

Arianna appeared on CNN’s “Parker Spitzer” Thursday night to discuss the leaked draft proposal authored by the Obama deficit commission’s co-chairs and the possibility that the president could benefit politically from the commission’s recommendations. “That would have been possible if there was also a jobs commission at the same time,” Arianna said. “The short term, […]

Jim Parry: Banana Republic — A Rhyming Rant

As the rich get more wealth And the rest just get whacked And good middle class jobs Simply aren’t coming back, Oh America’s bound On a grim downward track To become a banana republic. Want some numbers? Some proof? Well, the top one percent Take a quarter of all Total income — it’s meant That […]

Robert A. Levine: It’s still L’economie globale, stupide!

The current inevitable post-election punditry has, perhaps also inevitably, gotten it mostly wrong. The Democratic defeat is attributed to President Barack Obama’s elitist intellectual style, his tactical error in focusing on health care, his ultra-liberalism, his failure to fight for liberal goals, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s harshness, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s mildness (which kept […]

Lisa Murkowski Gives Her Take On Sarah Palin’s New Reality Show

JUNEAU, Alaska — There’s one person who won’t be tuning in Sunday when Sarah Palin’s new TV series airs: Sen. Lisa Murkowski. Murkowski tells The Associated Press she has no plans to watch the TLC travelogue, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.” Murkowski says she read a review slamming the show. Besides that, she says, “I know what […]

UFO Sighting ‘Outliers’

Cliff Young and Julia Clark warn not to misread the midterm tea leaves. Mark Mellman argues the election results were caused by a combination of exposure and recession. David Hill says tribalism drove the 2010 results. Jon Cohen points to revised exit polling numbers. Jay Cost breaks down election results by region (more here). John […]

Stuart Connelly: Patriot Games: Why the New Valerie Plame Film Matters

I am no stranger to U.S. government’s propensity to conspire against perceived enemies of the state. Having worked this entire year on a book with Martin Luther King, Jr.’s personal lawyer and trusted confidant Clarence B. Jones, I’ve had the dubious distinction of reviewing many disturbing, previously classified FBI and Justice Department memoranda. They clearly […]

Bob Burnett: The Jobs Crisis: What Obama Should Say

On November 2nd, Democrats were “shellacked” because they didn’t have a coherent message about the jobs crisis. Whereas Republicans said, “Lower taxes and fewer regulations create jobs,” Dems equivocated, “Let’s not go back to the Bush era.” To prevent another Democratic disaster in 2012, President Obama must develop a forceful jobs narrative. While most demographic […]