Jacob Heilbrunn: Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder Says Bush Is Lying

Former German chancellor Gerhard Schroeder says that George W. Bush is fibbing about him in his new memoir. Bush was furious at Schroeder for winning reelection in 2002 by campaigning vigorously against the Iraq War. The looming war was wildly unpopular in Germany and Schroeder caught an election wave by pledging that Germany would not […]

9/11 Memorial Waterfalls Begin Testing

NEW YORK — The waterfalls of the Sept. 11 memorial at ground zero are showing signs of life. Engineers began testing one of the twin waterfalls on Tuesday, circulating hundreds of thousands of gallons of water into the north reflecting pool. The cascades are the largest manmade waterfalls in North America, and they empty into […]

Laura Flanders: The F Word: Let the Punishment Fit the Crime

Let the punishment fit the crime, they say. Well, we now know the punishment for the BART officer who shot Oscar Grant: 2 years and time served. He could actually be out of prison in seven months–for killing a man. His involuntary manslaughter charge normally carries a four-year sentence, and could have included California’s “gun […]

Stephan A. Schwartz: Willful Ignorance

The most important political and intellectual reality in America today can be seen in a 2006 CBS News poll, which found that a large segment of Americans “do not believe that humans evolved.” This sentiment is usually discussed in religious terms. I suggest it should be seen as a political statement. The Gallup Organization addressed […]

Kevin Cathcart: Iowan Courts Under Attack

Something happened on Election Day in Iowa that threatens the principles of democracy upon which this country was founded: Three well-respected Iowa Supreme Court Justices lost retention elections following a vicious campaign by anti-gay groups who targeted them because of the Court’s 2009 unanimous decision to uphold marriage equality for same-sex couples. The purpose of […]

Sue Dunlap: Choice Still a Winning Issue With Women Voters

On November 2, California bucked a national trend and elected pro-choice, pro-women leaders. The results from California should teach candidates around the nation an important lesson: if you want women to vote for you, you must be willing to speak honestly and directly about the issues that women care about. Contrary to what Carly Fiorina […]

Sen. Chris Dodd: The Future of Latin America: Opportunities and Challenges for U.S. Policy in the Hemisphere

Today, I spoke to the students, faculty, and staff from Central Connecticut State University, including members of their Latin American Association and the Latin American, Latino, and Caribbean Center. I laid out my vision for the future of U.S — Latin America relations, calling for a fundamental shift in the United States’ Latin American policy […]

National Mall Slated for Major Restoration After Getting A ‘C’

WASHINGTON — The National Mall got a “C grade” Tuesday from Interior Secretary Ken Salazar as he signed a plan to restore what he called “the front yard of America” – now notable for its dead grass and sinking seawalls. Salazar visited the Jefferson Memorial and toured a construction zone nearby where workers are replacing […]

Cheney Lurks Just Beneath Bush’s Words

Some initial reports about former president George W. Bush’s new memoir, “Decision Points,” suggest that it refutes the theory that Dick Cheney was the true power behind the throne. It’s hardly surprising, of course, that in Bush’s reimagining of his presidency he would not give that theory any ammunition, at least not overtly. But Cheney […]

Steve Lombardo: It Was More Than Just A Wave

A week ago today, voters flipped the Obama coalition on its head and voted for Republicans in a mid-term landslide that has the potential to be a transformational election. Notice how we used the word “potential.” That’s because every new majority can go in one of two directions: it can either cement its winning coalition […]