Christof Putzel: Why I Smuggled Myself Across the U.S.-Mexico Border

Christof Putzel is a Vanguard correspondent. As part of his investigation into the immigration debate, he crossed the border from Mexico into the U.S. on foot. Americans may be preoccupied by the economic hardships they face because of the Great Recession. Unemployment is stuck close to ten percent; poverty claims a larger share of the […]

Bush: No Regrets About Wall Street Bailout

George W. Bush has no regrets about his decision to initiate the $700-billion bailout of Wall Streett. In a special hour-long interview Sunday evening with Candy Crowley on “State of the Union,” the former president defended his reaction to the financial crisis in 2008: GEORGE W. BUSH: I wasn’t a very good economic prognosticator. I […]

Craig Newmark: Sunlight Foundation: real transparency from Congress

Hey, maybe we get more fixed in Washington. I’m a very minor part of the Sunlight Foundation, which encourages lawmakers to get real about creating a more open, accountable Congress. For context, check out The Transparency Caucus: big step toward fixing Washington.         Here’s their deal: Post public ethics filings online. These […]

Farm Subsidies Highlight The Hypocrisy Of Anti-Spending Politicians

WASHINGTON — Many Republicans who swept rural Democrats from office are now confronting the reality of a promise to reduce spending: Should it cover the farm subsidies that have brought money and jobs to their districts – and directly benefited some GOP lawmakers or their families? At least 13 Democrats on the House Agriculture Committee […]

Mike Lux: A Party for the Middle Class

A sweeping loss, and two years of angst and frustration after people felt so hopeful, generates a lot of interesting conversation (as well as quite a bit that isn’t interesting at all- but I’m not here to talk about that). There is discussion of how to come back; discussion about shaking up leadership at the […]

Robert Kuttner: What Planet Are Deficit Hawks Living on?

To read the papers and watch TV news during the past week, you would think that the most dire problem afflicting Americans was the federal deficit in 2020 or 2030. But for most people, the crisis right now is lost income, lost jobs, lost homes. And the recommendations of the two co-chairs of the fiscal […]

Charles D. Ellison: MSNBC Leans Backward on Missed Opportunity

What wasn’t said during the Keith Olbermann debacle the other week had little to do with the fact that Olbermann clowned himself into a corner of ideological hypocrite. Let’s forget for a moment that his show is mad predictable or that you know what he’ll say or what his guests will say every hour he […]

Lame ducks return to Washington

Lame ducks return to Washington

House takeover, hobbled Democrats and invigorated Republicans return Monday to a testy tax dispute and a lengthy to-do list for a post-election session of Congress unlikely to achieve any landmark legislation. With change clearly in the air, more than 100 mainly Republican freshmen arrive on Capitol Hill to be schooled on the jobs they’ll assume […]