HuffPost TV: Howard Fineman On Earmarks As ‘Appetizers’

HuffPost’s Howard Fineman appeared on MSNBC’s “Hardball” Tuesday evening to discuss the GOP’s proposed ban on legislative earmarks, which he attributed to mainstream Republicans “running scared of the tea party.” “If this is all they do, it’s laughable,” Fineman told guest host Michael Smerconish. “If this is just the prelude and the sort of moral […]

SHOCK: 16-Year-Old Willow Palin Posts Homophobic Slurs

Willow Palin, the 16-year-old daughter of former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, wrote multiple Facebook posts containing homophobic slurs such as “faggot” on Sunday night, according to TMZ. The web site reports that Palin’s teenage daughter wrote the comments on Sunday night, when her mother’s television show “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” premiered on TLC. According to TMZ, […]

Democratic Earmark Reformers See Small Shift In Resistance

Most Senate Democrats continued on Tuesday to oppose a moratorium on earmarks, despite growing public demands for an end to the practice and a nascent reform movement within their own ranks. Reformers, including Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.), said that while passing a ban in the next few months may not be in the cards, they […]

Wall Street Quietly Working To Undo New Financial Rules

WASHINGTON — The heavy hitters of finance lost big battles earlier this year during the overhaul of financial regulation, but they’re working hard to win the war. They’re quietly trying to soften, if not kill, some of the more controversial provisions. Lobbyists for Big Finance are working hardest to neutralize the so-called Volcker Rule, which […]

David Chura: Time to "Think Outside the Box" on CORI Reform

At the beginning of my ten years teaching teenagers in a county lockup, years I chronicle in I Don’t Wish Nobody to Have a Life Like Mine: Tales of Kids in Adult Lockup(Beacon Press), I was always surprised, and yes, disappointed, when one of my students got rearrested. Jail’s a sobering place no matter how […]

Tea Party Pushes Hardline Post-Election Strategy To Capitol Hill

WASHINGTON — Tea party activists and other conservatives, eager to transform electoral gains into clout on Capitol Hill, are pressuring Republican leaders to take a hardline approach in the next Congress, shunning compromise for confrontation with Democrats. The strategy is likely to bring gridlock on major issues – particularly tax cuts and spending – and […]

Peggy Drexler: Will mean politics scare off good women?

Veteran political reporter Sam Donaldson once said “Only the amateurs stay mad.” For the times, it was a nice summary of the bare-knuckles rules of politics. You give, you get, you move on. But as we close this mean season of pandemic political nastiness, I wonder if his statement still stands. Or have we crossed […]

Jobless Benefits About To Lapse As Senate Dems Mull Strategy

WASHINGTON — Senate Democrats are discussing their strategy for reauthorizing extended unemployment insurance on Tuesday as the expiration date for the jobless aid is fast approaching. Neither the House nor the Senate will be in session next week, aides say, so extended unemployment benefits for the long-term jobless will need to be reauthorized this week […]