GOP Aggressively Recruiting Challengers To Michael Steele

WASHINGTON — Republicans are aggressively recruiting a challenger to Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele, whose tenure as party chief has been marked by ill-chosen comments and questions about finances. The RNC must decide in January whether to keep Steele. Republicans, looking to oust President Barack Obama in 2012, are considering a chairman who would […]

John Boehner Vows To Fly Commercial

Soon-to-be House Speaker John Boehner promised throughout the campaign season to run the House of Representatives differently from the way Democrats have run it for four years and from the way the last Republican regime conducted business. Now that his party has won enough seats to retake power in the chamber, Boehner began making those […]

Wayne Pacelle: An Open Letter to the Missouri Farm Bureau

Last week, Missouri voters approved Proposition B, requiring that large-scale commercial breeders provide in a year’s time sufficient space for dogs, an annual veterinary examination, humane methods of euthanasia, and a limit on the number of reproductively intact animals used for breeding, among a limited number of other humane care standards for dogs. In campaigning […]

Robert Reich: Obama’s First Stand

The president says a Republican proposal to extend the Bush tax cuts to everyone for two years is a “basis for conversation.” I hope this doesn’t mean another Obama cave-in. Yes, the president needs to acknowledge the Republican sweep on Election Day. But he can do that by offering his own version of a compromise […]

Edward Murray: The $200 Million Hive Mind of Bachmann, Beck, Rush, and Imus

President Obama’s recent visit to India was a symbolic gesture to cultivate an atmosphere of goodwill as well as to celebrate the announcement of business deals that will create over 50,000 American jobs. However, Obama’s tour to solidify quality relations with what could become America’s closest financial and industrial ally in the 21st century was […]

Unapologetic Bush tries to rewrite history

Unapologetic Bush tries to rewrite history

An emotional but unapologetic George W. Bush opened up about his tumultuous presidency Tuesday as he released memoirs in which he defiantly defends the Iraq invasion and the use of waterboarding. “I felt so strongly about the decisions I was making and I felt that history would understand,” Bush, who left office deeply unpopular at […]

Bush’s memoir: Does anybody really give a damn?

Bush’s memoir: Does anybody really give a damn?

President George W. Bush may hope his memoir will help shape his legacy, but after the glow of being on Oprah and the media blitz wears off, few Americans who buy “Decision Points” are likely to read it, experts say. “Most people do not read presidential memoirs because they get bored,” said Leslie Gelb, president […]