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As usual, rhetoric overwhelms facts in Wisconsin debate

The facts have been overshadowed by rhetoric at the Wisconsin Capitol, where protesters and politicians have been engaged in a tense standoff over the governor’s proposal to strip most public employees of their collective-bargaining rights. Gov. Scott Walker insists the state is broke and must make drastic spending cuts. Unions believe Republican leaders are trying to wipe them out. Two weeks into the debate, The Associated Press assessed the claims in an effort to shed light on what’s at stake. Walker says his plan is needed to ease a deficit that is projected to hit $137 million by July and
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Go to bar, get drunk, get naked

An apparently frustrated 34-year-old married woman in Sarasota, Florida, walked into the Thirsty Turtle Bar earlier this week, downed a few drinks, went to the ladies room and returned to the bar — naked. When the bar manager tried to talk Traci Batcher into returning to the restroom and getting dressed, she locked herself in the room and refused to come out. The police came and tried to talk her out. No luck, so the manager unlocked the door and Batcher emerged topless.  The cops covered her with a t-shirt provided by the busted her for indecent behavior and indecent
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