Alaska Senate Race Divides GOP As Political Fight Continues

Joe Miller’s refusal to concede the Alaska Senate election has Republicans divided over how to respond to an awkward political standoff between a GOP incumbent who has already declared victory and a GOP nominee whose campaign still maintains a committed core of grassroots support. From The Huffington Post

Richard H. Smith: Could a California Budget Fix Threaten National Security?

“Hey, wait a minute”, you say. “Is this a put on? What does the latest patchwork California budget, slapped together a hundred days late, have to do with national security?” Rising seventeen floors above the heart of downtown Sacramento is the building that houses the California Department of Justice. If and when Attorney General and […]

Gary Shapiro: Have the Terrorists Won?

Shortly after the September 11 terrorist attacks, with steely resolve, we worked together to make sure the terrorists did not win. We got back on airplanes, went shopping, and went to war. Our nation united as we hadn’t since the 1963 assassination of President Kennedy. But I wonder if the 2001 attacks, while at first […]

Conservative Blasts Palin’s Possible 2012 Run

A conservative columnist whose bonafides include a stint at the National Review and a speechwriting gig for former first lady Nancy Reagan has slammed Sarah Palin, calling the former half-term governor “consumed and obsessed by the media.” Writing on the self-described “conservative”, columnist Mona Charen blasted Palin for her lack of experience: Palin was […]

Pat-downs? We don’t need no stinkin’ pat-downs

Pat-downs? We don’t need no stinkin’ pat-downs

No airport pat-down for the incoming House speaker. On Friday, the GOP‘s John Boehner was guided past the metal detectors and hand inspections given to other passengers on his flight home to Ohio. Boehner’s spokesman Michael Steel said his boss followed procedures set by Capitol Police and the Transportation Security Administration. Steel said the same […]

Andrew Kreig: Terror, TSA and the Sheeple

Last week’s public protests against the new, full-body scanning procedures at airports should restrict the procedures to serious security suspects — so long as there’s any common sense left in the top ranks of Washington officialdom. The growing national protests against so-called “porno-scans” and pat-downs of passenger private parts should be a turning point in […]

Michele Bachmann’s Growing Popularity Puts GOP On The Spot

She is a driving force on cable television, a provocative, ubiquitous voice in a world where the distinction between personality and power is increasingly blurred. Now, with Republicans poised to retake the House, lawmakers are watching Ms. Bachmann to see if she can harness her status as an uncompromising — and sometimes undisciplined — spokeswoman […]

In business outreach, Obama mulls lobby group speech

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama is considering giving a speech in January to the Chamber of Commerce, a major business lobby, as part of a new outreach to corporations, a White House official said on Saturday. Read the full story

Carole Bayer Sager: Dancing With the Tea Party

Sarah Palin has recently stated that she believes that she could beat Obama in 2012. I would have said that was ridiculous until I saw that her daughter Bristol is now heading to the finals in this coming Monday’s Dancing With The Stars. As Brandy hung her head and cried during her elimination on Tuesday […]