White House warns Republicans on canceling stimulus

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The White House has warned Republicans that high-speed rail projects and a gigantic solar power complex would be imperiled if they cancel unspent federal stimulus money to try to trim the government’s budget. Read the full story

The arms treaty: More hype than facts, more spin than truth

The arms treaty: More hype than facts, more spin than truth

In their showdown over the fate of a major arms-control treaty with Russia, Democrats and Republicans are charging each other with undermining national security. So who’s right? The Obama administration is pushing for a vote this year on the treaty, while Republicans are calling for a delay until a new Congress convenes in January. Here’s […]

Bernanke: Policies supporting growth bolster dollar

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke on Thursday gave a full-throated defense against criticism the U.S. central bank’s controversial bond-buying program is debasing the dollar, saying a vigorous U.S. recovery is central to global economic health. Read the full story

Senators seek probe into education rule making process

BANGALORE (Reuters) – Two Republican senators have asked the U.S. Education Department to investigate the alleged leaking by department officials of proposed rules aimed at tightening regulation of the industry. Read the full story