Dan Malloy Again Declared Winner In Connecticut Governor’s Race, But GOP Opponent Hasn’t Conceded

HARTFORD, Conn. — Democrat Dan Malloy has won Connecticut’s gubernatorial election after days of back-and-forth over vote totals and irregularities, yet his Republican opponent is reviewing the numbers to see if he can make up the margin. The Associated Press reinstated its call Friday of Malloy as the winner of the governor’s race. The AP’s […]

Donnie Fowler: The Once & Future Speaker

Nancy Pelosi is a fighter. Is there a way to say that more simply? She led the House Democrats out of 12 years in the minority in 2006. She set the stage for Barack Obama’s 2008 election by standing up to George Bush during his last two miserable years in the White House, drawing contrasts […]

Fort Hood Victims’ Families Meet For 1st Time 1 Year Later To Mourn

FORT HOOD, Texas — Parents, spouses and children reverently approached the 6-foot-tall granite memorial Friday, some kneeling and wiping away tears as they gently touched a name etched on the stone – each belonging to one of the 13 people killed in the Fort Hood shooting rampage a year ago. Many families of the 12 […]

Chris Weigant: Friday Talking Points [145] — A Democratic Epitaph

An interesting article caught my eye last week, but what with all the election hoopla, I haven’t had a chance to write about it before now. But even if it went mostly unnoticed by the public at large, it was an important and downright scathing indictment of the Democrats’ complete inability to get their message […]

HuffPost TV: Sam Stein: Narrative Stacked Against Lame-Duck Democrats (VIDEO)

HuffPost reporter Sam Stein appeared on MSNBC’s “The Ed Show” Friday night to discuss Tuesday’s midterm elections and the coming lame-duck session of Congress. “They do have the reins of power until January,” Stein told guest host Cenk Uygur. “But obvious questions about what can be done in the session — primarily because the narrative […]