Terry Newell: Trade-Off America

There are two things we know about enhanced X-ray screening and full-body pat-downs at TSA check points. The first is that if we abolish them and a terrorist blows up a plane as a result of concealed explosives, Congressional hearings will castigate the TSA for failing to protect the public. The second is that if […]

Obama claims end to U.S. combat role in Afghanistan by 2014

Obama claims end to U.S. combat role in Afghanistan by 2014

President Barack Obama on Saturday said for the first time he wants U.S. troops out of major combat in Afghanistan by the end of 2014, the date he and other NATO leaders set for moving Afghans into the lead role in fighting the Taliban. Allies had different interpretations of that target’s meaning. Capping a two-day […]

Pope’s flip-flop on condoms stirs controversy

Pope’s flip-flop on condoms stirs controversy

Campaigners against the spread of AIDS welcomed a u-turn by Pope Benedict XVI on the use of condoms Sunday, saying it marked a historic break with the past which would save lives. In a series of interviews to appear in a book published this week, Benedict said that while the use of condoms should not […]

WATCH: Video Shows Rise Of Food Stamp Use

A new time-lapse video illustrates the depressing rise of food stamp usage throughout the U.S. The video’s creator, Zero Hedge’s John Lohman, points to the alarming levels — food stamps now feed a record 43 million — and warns that the program is the only thing keeping Americans from going “postal.” Sinatra’s upbeat tune “I’ve […]

Obama On TSA Screening Anger: I Get It

LISBON, Portugal — President Barack Obama has asked security officials whether there’s a less intrusive way to screen U.S. airline passengers than the pat-downs and body scans causing a holiday-season uproar. For now, they’ve told him there isn’t one, the president said Saturday in response to a question at the NATO summit in Lisbon. “I […]

Bosworth to visit Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing next week

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Stephen Bosworth, a U.S. envoy responsible for policy toward North Korea, will visit Seoul, Tokyo and Japan next week for consultations on North Korean issues, the State Department said on Saturday. Read the full story

Barbara Bush Jabs Sarah Palin: ‘I Hope She Stays’ In Alaska

Barbara Bush has shared her thoughts on Sarah Palin, and it sounds as if she hopes the former Alaska governor decides against running for president. “I sat next to her once, thought she was beautiful, and I think she’s very happy in Alaska,” Bush said, before adding, “and I hope she’ll stay there.” The former […]