Sen. Bob Casey: Jamming the IED Assembly Line

Last week, Army Specialist Anthony Vargas, 27, of Reading, Pa., lost his life in Nangarhar province, Afghanistan, of wounds suffered when insurgents attacked his unit using an improvised explosive device. Marine Lance Corporal Larry Johnson, from my home town of Scranton, was killed in Afghanistan last February. Lance Corporal Johnson was trained as a combat […]

Ethics Committee recommends censure for Rangel

Ethics Committee recommends censure for Rangel

The House ethics committee on Thursday recommended censure for longtime Rep. Charles Rangel, suggesting that the New York Democrat suffer the embarrassment of standing before his colleagues while receiving an oral rebuke by the speaker for financial and fundraising misconduct. Censure is the most serious congressional discipline short of expulsion. The House, which could change […]

Top General Looking To Expand War-On-Terror Capabilities In Africa

And he said that while a number of Special Operations forces are trained in African languages and cultures, the military is not moving fast enough to provide similar training to other troops. Al-Qaida-linked terrorist groups in Yemen and Africa have increasingly targeted Western interests, with al-Shabab in Somalia luring Somali-Americans home for terror training in […]

Richard (RJ) Eskow: The Ides of November

We expected to see an all-out assault on Social Security and progressive taxation in November, and we expected it to come under the banner of “deficit reduction.” That was always the plan: Wait until after the election, when a lame-duck Congress could pass the preferred plan with the least political blowback. Then release a flurry […]

Derrick Crowe: Tell Congress to Hold Blackwater/Xe Accountable

Last week, Brave New Foundation’s Robert Greenwald wrote about the damage done to U.S. interests around the world by for-profit security contractors like Blackwater / Xe: “Drunken shootouts and debauchery, meaningless death and mayhem…Thanks in part to the rapacious greed injected into war-fighting by the liberal use of for-profit armed “security” companies, a brutal, unaccountable […]

WATCH: Fox News Reporters Caught Mocking Palin’s Show

WASHINGTON — The Fox News channel has been something of a safe haven for Sarah Palin, the type of outlet that provided the former Alaska Governor not only with a friendly audience but similarly kind questions. So it was more than a bit surprising when off-air video leaked on Thursday of a Fox panel mocking […]