Michele Bachmann Presses Hard For Republican Leadership Post

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) continued to aggressively make her case for a GOP Conference Chair leadership position on Monday, kicking off the week by releasing a strongly-worded letter that she had written to her Republican colleagues to explain the distinction that she’d bring to the post. “Will the new Republican majority reflect our values as […]

Dennis A. Henigan: Ideology, Politics and Guns

Over five years ago, in a provocative article in The New Republic, Jonathan Chait attempted to distill the essence of how liberalism differs from conservatism on economic policy. His analysis seems even more insightful in the wake of last week’s election, with much to say about issues beyond economic policy, particularly the question of gun […]

Andrew Shirvell FIRED

The Michigan assistant attorney general who made headlines for hassling the University of Michigan’s student assembly president has been fired, the Michigan Daily reports. According to the Associated Press, Andrew Shirvell was let go during a disciplinary hearing related to the issue. The attorney general’s office originally held that Shirvell was protected by the First […]

Bill Moyer: Hell With Congress — We Need a Movement!

Though I share people’s sadness for our country, I’m not depressed about the election results. I’m not any more disappointed in President Obama than I’ve been since he chose his advisers two years ago. I’m not even mad at the Tea Party. I’m fact, I am kind of psyched and ready do the work that […]

James Rucker: It’s Time to be Bold: Democrats and Black America

Originally published on the Root. In the wake of large Republican gains in this week’s election, many in the media are relating a familiar and predictable storyline to explain them: that in the two years since Democrats claimed the White House and large majorities in both houses of Congress, they have overreached, moving too far […]

Eliot Spitzer Scandal: ‘Client 9′ Director Uncovered Scandal Secrets

The prostitution scandal that took down governor Eliot Spitzer is well worn territory, but the explanation behind it had some intriguing holes that Academy Award winning filmmaker Alex Gibney wanted to investigate. His new film, ‘Client 9′, which is out in theaters, takes a hard look at the rise and fall of Eliot Spitzer, and […]

Even Republicans are fed up with Sarah Palin

Even Republicans are fed up with Sarah Palin

With the mid-term elections out of the way, establishment Republicans are now focusing their attack machine on a new target: Sarah Palin. Even former President George W. Bush is taking a potshot or two. The list of those going after the former Governor of Alaska is growing daily. Sources inside the Republican Party tell Capitol […]