Wife of Justice Thomas regrets call to Hill

BOSTON (Reuters) – The wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas said on Friday that a recent telephone call to Anita Hill, the woman at the center of a 1991 furor at Thomas’s confirmation hearing, was probably a mistake. Read more

Capehart: Obama’s surprise troop visit at Bagram

There’s something about November — right around Turkey time — that has president’s sneaking off to the Middle East. President George W. Bush shocked troops in Iraq and stunned Americans back home with his surprise Thanksgiving Day visit in 2003. And today, President Obama continues the traditio… Read more…

Right Turn: Flushing $200,000 down the drain?

Politico reports: The incoming Republican House leader proposed plans to build female members a new restroom off the House floor, but the project could cost the taxpayers at least $200,000, according to a congressional aide who has seen the cost estimates…. The aide says there is no plumbin… Read more…