The arms treaty: More hype than facts, more spin than truth

The arms treaty: More hype than facts, more spin than truth

In their showdown over the fate of a major arms-control treaty with Russia, Democrats and Republicans are charging each other with undermining national security. So who’s right? The Obama administration is pushing for a vote this year on the treaty, while Republicans are calling for a delay until a new Congress convenes in January. Here’s […]

Bernanke: Policies supporting growth bolster dollar

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke on Thursday gave a full-throated defense against criticism the U.S. central bank’s controversial bond-buying program is debasing the dollar, saying a vigorous U.S. recovery is central to global economic health. Read the full story

Senators seek probe into education rule making process

BANGALORE (Reuters) – Two Republican senators have asked the U.S. Education Department to investigate the alleged leaking by department officials of proposed rules aimed at tightening regulation of the industry. Read the full story

Air Force warns troops: ‘Beware of Facebook’

Air Force warns troops: ‘Beware of Facebook’

The Air Force is warning its troops to be careful when using Facebook and other popular networking sites because some new features could show the enemy exactly where U.S. forces are located in war zones. In a warning issued on its internal website earlier this month, the Air Force said that “careless use of these […]

Palin Keeps Tight Rein On Staff, Not Daughters

While elsewhere a prince and a well-educated commoner have captured the world’s attention, the Sarah Palin clan will not let the posh have their moment. In a rare interview with the “lamestream media” for this Sunday’s New York Times Magazine, the will she or won’t she? 2012 presidential contender tells reporter Robert Draper that she […]

Raising retirement age hurts the poor

Raising retirement age hurts the poor

Raising the retirement age for Social Security would disproportionately hurt low-income workers and minorities, and increase disability claims by older people unable to work, government auditors told Congress. The projected spike in disability claims could harm Social Security’s finances because disability benefits typically are higher than early retirement payments, the Government Accountability Office concluded. The […]

House Dems Borrowed Millions To Avoid Worse Losses

WASHINGTON — Routed at the polls, House Democrats said Thursday they borrowed millions of dollars late in the campaign in a successful attempt to prevail in 15 or more competitive races. In a postelection memo to the party’s rank and file, Rep. Chris Van Hollen, D-Md., said moves by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in […]

WATCH: George W. Bush Jokes With Leno About Exit Strategy, Drinking

George W. Bush continued his book tour for “Decision Points” on Thursday night with an appearance on NBC’s “Tonight Show.” Jay Leno thanked him for a decade worth of monologue material, and asked the former president if he was ever bothered by the jokes. “You know, I hate to tell you, I don’t want to […]