For Obama, will it be Truman or Clinton?

In the weeks after his election two years ago, President Obama was often linked to two other presidents, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. Today, Democrats debate whether he should act more like Harry Truman or Bill Clinton to avoid becoming another Jimmy Carter. Read more…

Senate bid to renew "middle-class" tax cuts fails

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Democratic measures to extend tax cuts for most Americans failed in the Senate on Saturday as Republicans — and some Democrats — blocked them because they did not also extend low rates for the wealthy. Read more

Tax showdown clears way for yearend deal

Tax showdown clears way for yearend deal

Senate Republicans derailed legislation Saturday to extend expiring tax cuts at all but the highest income levels in a political showdown that paradoxically clears a path for a compromise with the White House on steps to boost the economy. “We need to get this resolved and I’m confident we can do it,” President Barack Obama […]