WikiLeaks lists sites U.S. says vital to interests

LONDON (Reuters) – WikiLeaks published more details of sites around the globe that the United States considers vital to its interests, prompting strong criticism that the website is helping militants identify sensitive targets for attack. Read more

House eyes funding for Dodd-Frank

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The House of Representatives is likely to vote this week on a measure that could fund the new Dodd-Frank financial-industry crackdown and other priorities of the Obama administration, aides said on Monday. Read more

Obama, congressional Democrats to meet on taxes: aide

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Democratic leaders in the Congress will meet later on Monday with President Barack Obama to discuss efforts to pass legislation this year extending Bush-era tax cuts, according to a congressional aide. Read more

Stromberg: Obama, Republicans’ ominous deal on Bush tax cuts

For weeks, observers have preemptively hailed the sort of deal the White House and congressional Republicans seem to be striking on extending the Bush tax cuts. Republicans, it seems, will acquiesce on maintaining enhanced federal unemployment benefits if Democrats extend all of the Bush tax cuts… Read more…

U.S. eyes trade "triple crown" as APEC host

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States plans a big push toward freer trade in the Asia Pacific region in 2011, starting with approval of bilateral free trade agreement with South Korea, a U.S. official told Reuters. Read more

Cohen: Who is reading about Sarah Palin — and why?

Sarah Palin. The reason I started this post with the name Sarah Palin is that two weeks ago, when I wrote about Palin and Michelle Obama, my column was recommended on Facebook around 11,000 times. I credit some of that number to interest in Michelle Obama — but most to what is clearly an insatia… […]