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Bernie Sanders: A ‘real’ socialist

The hard-core right that dominates the hard-to-comprehend Republican party likes to call President Barack Obama a “socialist.” It’s a word they bandy about a lot. It’s also a word they don’t understand. Obama is several things — some bad, some good. But “socialist?” Hardly. Those who think politics is best served by stereotyping uses one-word attacks a lot. They label opponents liars, traitors,communists, socialists, crooks or even worse. But, in the 2016 Presidential election there actually is a self-declared socialist on the ballot. Meet Bernie Sanders, listed as an “independent” on his biographical sketch as a Senator and the man
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Political pain is only the beginning

Some political “experts” see Donald Trump’s second place finish in the Iowa caucus as the beginning of a slide that will end his improbable occupation of the top dog slot in the Republican presidential nomination sweepstakes. Of course, that joy could end next week if Trump rebounds in New Hampshire, where he leads polls for the GOP side of the ticket. But the possible return of Trump to the top is not the only worry for the party of the elephant. Ted Cruz won Iowa and that scares the hell out of establishment Republicans almost as much as Trump. Like
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