Gitmo, our future shame

Today’s and tonight’s stories confirm that Pres. Bush refuses to close Gitmo Prison. In essence, he shrugs off all responsibility for his crimes and misdemeanors, and passes off this mess to the next president.

Let’s set a few, very few, basic facts:

a: We created Gitmo to avoid all impact of US law, the US Constitution, and US civilian oversight.

b: More than 65% of those held in Gitmo were innocent of any crime, and posed no threat to the USA.

Colin Powell’s Decision and the death of today’s GOP

This morning on NBC’s “Meat” the Press, Tom Brokaw almost ignored Colin Powell when he said he supports Barack Obama. Brokaw’s performance cemented the observation that he really needs to step down from that chair. Besides, Brokaw is not a member of the press, he’s just raw meat.

The real McCain

In 2004, John Kerry was swift-boated by T. Boone Pickens’ group of hatchet-men. For the longest time, Kerry did not respond. Some people closest to him have since suggested that he was actually frozen on the issue, incapable of responding. They give an almost imperceptible nod when the issue of PTSD is raised.

In retrospect, Kerry, PTSD and all, STILL would have been a much better president than the village idiot currently polluting the White House.

Our Quiet Revolution – An End to Bush’s Potemkin Economy

This week, America’s quiet revolution started in an unlikely place. Cook County (Chicago) Sheriff Tom Dart got sick of evicting families paying rent, innocents all, as well as evicting owners in foreclosure proceedings.

Sheriff Dart in his own words:

As Cook County sheriff, I am responsible for running a 10,000-inmate jail, providing patrols to unincorporated areas and securing the courts.

Gwen’s Awful

Heh. You have to admire the GOP. They really, REALLY, REALLY get it. I mean, they have this down pat. The difference between the ultra-reich NeoConMan GOPers and the rest of America is striking, even shocking, despite us having dealt with them for the past 8 years.

Most of us prefer to accommodate, conciliate, cooperate, and resolve issues and problems. Tis the human, humane, civilized thing to do. But NOT this stinking, fetid, corrupt, foul, malignant, corpulent, dismal, and evil segment of the GOP. No, sir.

Mendacious, Manipulating . . . Maverick? Hardly. Today’s real McCain

Rear Admiral John S. McCain II must be spinning in his grave, not out of pride that his son is the GOP nominee, but that his son sold his soul, his honor, and his integrity in the process.

Senator, I hope you have written your apology to your father in advance. You owe him, and America, a huge one.

Festooned with Lies, the McCain Campaign’s attack on reality

George Orwell would be proud. He once wrote that, “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” Perhaps a more appropriate quote would be, “In our time political speech and writing are largely the defense of the indefensible.”

Today’s hero? Phil Tuchman. He has the integrity of a traveling carnie promoter. He never saw a mark who he couldn’t rob; for him, truth comes solely in the form of a McCain campaign paycheck. 70 years ago, Joseph Goebbels would loved having Tuchman as his reich hand man.

There’s something rotten in the state of finance

As I sit here watching Chelsea losing to ManU live, the AIG logo on the chests of the ManU team keeps reminding me of the dismal financial state of America. There are many causes, but mostly three individuals stand out for blame.

Bill Clinton
Phil Gramm
George W. Bush

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