Gov. Blagojevich and other Crime Sprees

OK, your top fund raiser is indicted and singing like a sexy Blues diva from Southside Chicago. Your own daddy-in-law claimed, repeatedly and in public, that you were selling offices for $40K contributions to your campaign. (Richard Mell, a long-time Chicago Pol, not only criticized Bloggo’s technique, but his brazen, open, overt, corrupt scheming, as well as how Bloggo targeted Mell’s own investments and business dealings in retribution) Others in your administration were indicted and talking. Your former top aide was squealing like a pig to the Feds.

Let’s Fasten our Seatbelts. We live in interesting times

While Ronald Reagan slept through his second term as president, two very different groups, with virtually nothing in common, joined forces and engineered the take over of the political party that gave us the Emancipation Proclamation, freed the slaves, created the EPA, negotiated SALT treaties, and did much more good for the nation.

Pastor Agnostic’s Silly Sermon & other tall tales

Given the grate economic news we are getting, it is time to change the tone. We need to laugh, smile, smirk, snort, snuggle and be nice to everyone we meet, as hard as that can be at times. A recession since 2007? You mean Bush, Bernenke and Paulson all lied to us throughout 2008? I’m SHOCKED! SHOCKED, I tell you.

So, to change the mood, the Church of Ineffable Stupidity is holding a sillier than usual sermon today, and invites everyone to tell a tall tale of their own. So without further ado, and without further rusting of the lily:

Bah. Bah! Humbug!
— Pastor Agnostic, practicing his Christmas Cheer


The Danger Democrats Face By Winning

During the last years of Clinton’s presidency, and for the first six years of the (increasingly apparent criminal) Bush Cabal, both the House and Senate were controlled by one party. The GOP had a throttle over the entire government, including the DOJ, the courts, and the all important agencies. (EPA, NASA, SSN, and dozens more)

Oops, I forgot. Between bribes, pay-offs, faux news plants, and direct and indirect pressures, the Bush Cabal also had a decent grip on the media. So much for its so-called liberal bias, not when Sunday political talk shows sought out GOP stalking heads 60% or more of the time.

President (elect) Obama on our Economy

Yesterday, Senator Obama met with the top briefers from the NSA, CIA, DIA. He was given a history lesson (info which never makes the front pages) and the best insights that all our hundreds of billions in technology can give us. Of course, our intel units are still seriously hampered by having no human based info, but, that’s an issue for another day.

A new dawn, A blue dawn, a brave new dawn. And a little civil war on the side.

History was made last night, and the whole world breathed a huge sigh of relief. African nations created new holidays, Europeans greeted America back to the Roll of Civilized Nations, and Asians were seen crying with joy. Russia’s Pravda News called it the “welcome end of eight years of hell.” You have to hand it to Pravda. They really have our number these days.

The 30 Minute Obama Ad . . . (If this goes on?)

As promised, Senator Barack Obama infotained Americans for thirty minutes, starting off with amber waves of grain. Hope, change, plus incredibly coincidental family spotlights in several “battleground” states – that seemed to be his basic message.

Pastor Agnostic’s Sermon from the Church of Ineffable Stupidity

1636 – The Massachusetts General Court provided 400 pounds to support a school or college, and so, Harvard University was founded in Cambridge, MA.

1904 – Fingerprinting was first used by the St. Louis Police Department.


As a Christian I have no duty to allow myself to be cheated, but I have the duty to be a fighter for truth and justice.
— Adolf Hitler


a) Senator Ted Stevens, R, Alaska, Convict

De-Constructing headlines, 101

This evening’s Huff Post headliners:


FINANCIAL CRISIS UPDATES: Dismal Earnings… Merck To Slash 7,200 Jobs… Wachovia Reports $23.9 Billion Loss For Q3… More World Fallout… Brazilian Stock Market Halts Trading

What is so interesting is how each and every topic fits together, and also stands alone so nicely on its own.

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