Rob Kezelis

The Pulse of America – Code Red, or Cold Blue?

Sometimes it is prudent to step back from the daily grind, review recent events, and take a good, hard, cold look at what has been happening around the country. What are the trends? Where are we going? Are things looking up? Is Anna Nicole still dead? What does our future hold? 

Congresscritter C.W. "Bill" Young (R-FL)

The Shame of Walter Reed


Two centuries ago, this medical army officer confirmed that Yellow Fever was transmitted by mosquitos. His discovery created a whole new line of defenses against disease and pushed medical research in entirely new and productive directions. His findings also allowed the Panama Canal to be built. (Disease was attacking construction troops so badly, that all work had stopped) The good Doctor Reed would be turning in his grave at the moment. The medical center named for him is the site of something offal. As in rotten.

The Generals and Iran


What a sorry state of affairs.

Here in the US of A, our MSM concentrates not on the trial of the highest ranking person in the VP’s office, but on a bald, out of control performer, and even more on a dead, silicon augmented bimbo. This constitutes news in America.

The truth about terror and terra


If asked, an experienced world traveler will eagerly describe the most famous and beautiful tourist destinations. The ancient parts of Europe, the incredible ruins of Ur (Iraq), China, the walled cities of Bangkok, the ruins of the Maya and Aztec, just to name a few. At each site, what we really see are monuments to man’s inhumanity to man.

The pillory of Hillary


“As a senator from New York, I lived through 9/11 and am still dealing with the aftereffects.”

With these words, Senator Hillary Clinton just changed her justification of supporting the IraqNami invasion. Presumably 9/11 also explains why each time the issue came up, she voted for hundreds of billions more in Iraq war funding.

Before this (January), Hillary admitted that mistakes were made. But she ruined it by qualifying it: “by Mr. Bush.”

Chapter Five – The Fall Cometh


This is the last of five chapters. It is highly recommended that you read it aloud to loved one in bed. Kids, too. If you haven’t read the first four chapters, start here.

The little girl loved Uncle Ivan’s voice. It was so calm, so gentle, yet strong and deep. The story he was reading must have had some magical power, because for the first time in a year, she felt no pain in her legs. She could even move her legs.

Chapter Four – The Searing Summer Sky


This is the fourth of five chapters. It is highly recommended that you read it aloud to loved one in bed. Kids, too. If you haven’t read the first three chapters, start here.

As with every Persian Fairy Tale, there is but one way to begin the story:

A Tale for All Seasons


This story is intended to warm the hearts and souls of all dear readers. It comes in five chapters, four of which are completed. Tis best read to a loved one or one’s child in bed.

Chapter One


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