Rob Kezelis

Our missing media

Tired of bad news, day in and day out, coming out of IraqNam? Not to worry! Things are changing for the better!

Obama – For whom the bells have tolled

“Chi-Town, we have a problem.”

At least, that would be the message to Barack’s campaign handlers, if they were willing to listen. And unfortunately for Barack, that “if” is just a tad too big for his britches.

Support the troops? Do tell, Mr. President, do tell.

Congress votes to place a limit on the time that we occupy the quagmire known as IraqNam. The Senate votes to place a limit on the time that we occupy the quagmire known as IraqNam. Both bills provide $100 BILLION in new money to feed, house, arm, train, replace, treat, armor, protect, and destroy the troops throughout 2007.

Spinal surgery

For six long, hard, curious years, Congresscritters and their senior illegitimate Senatorial brothers deliberately, willfully and amazingly handed off all powers of supervision, approval, oversight and investigation accorded them in our Constitution. That was only the first traitorous step. Even after act after act, lie after lie, those folks refused to stand up to a unitarry executive who bore more of an incredible resemblance to Mao and Stalin, than a constitutional office renter in America.

Fredo Redux – It’s for the kids? No, sir, it’s for the birds.

Last week, Alberto Gonzales told Congress that he was not involved in the firing of the eight US attorneys. From yesterday’s Rovian news dump, we learn that he lied. Again.

Alberto met with no less than five of his top Justice heads on November 27, and created on a five-step plan to fire the prosecutors. He personally signed off on it.

AlbertoGate: What are they hiding?

A long time ago, in a land far, far away, our founding fathers created a three part government, intending  that no branch would ever grow too strong. Out of self interest (if not love of country or constitution), the other two would object, correct and redirect the ship of state. At least, that was the plan.

The Critical State of the Fourth Estate

Valerie Plame testifies under oath. Alberto commits perjury. White House e-mails are released. The Feds convict Scooter of lying under oath. A failing IraqNam policy gets a 2nd, 3rd, perhaps a 4th surge, with no end in sight. Yet, what was considered newsworthy? The upcoming Anna Nicole docudrama. 

At least yesterday’s Chicago Tribune had a story of how a mom and her infant were infected with a fatal smallpox variant, because dad was medically prepped to be another IED target in IraqNam.

These are our current choices: 

Alberto Gonzales – the American Fox in the Hen house

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales admitted that at least three of his four grandparents entered the US illegally. Just think how much better our nation would have been had our immigration rules had been enforced and they been kept out. Ah, how little mistakes in the past lead to horrible results in the future.