Why Florida and Michigan are Red Herrings

A Red Herring is defined thusly:

In literature, a red herring is a narrative element intended to distract the reader from a more important event in the plot, usually a twist ending.

The destruction of our highway system

That’s right folks. To save a family of four $70 this summer, (according to HIllary) or $37 (according to most far more reputable sources) Hillary will cut the federal gas tax for three months. ┬áIn exchange for that fiasco, gas companies can push up prices, knowing that $4.00 is not even a psychological barrier anymore.

The Pentagon’s hidden hand of propaganda

When reports of torture by American Soldiers at Abu Ghraib and Gitmo first broke, there was a seeming explosion of retired military “experts”. They showed up on boredcast news, PBS, CNN, FOX, and MSNBC. Some of them remain on salary, especially on CNN and Fox, as “go to” experts on military issues. They all had one message.

The ABCs of debates

By now, the conventional wisdom is that ABC blew the debate, and blew it big. WaPo, Huff Post, DKos, even Gov. Rendell of Pennsylvania admitted that the ridiculous, insulting, inane, and immaterial attacks by George Stephenapolous and Charlie Gibson were probably the worst in the entire debate history of boredcast TV.

109 MILLION points of bitterness

Dead-Eye Hill announced that she was incited that Barack had the audacity to suggest that some people might hang on to guns and god, while they are bitter about their future prospects. In her most haughty, I am Queen voice, she called Barack Obama, truly a self-made man, that nastiest of comments ever heard – Elite.

The General and a bush league war

I usually keep one of the two cable news stations on in the background of my office, mostly to see if our armageddon-starting, rapture-based invasion of Iran has begun.

The real Commander in Chief Test

Use only a #2 pencil and be sure to fill in the circle completely. This is a time critical test, and answering every question is important. Keep you questions sealed until 3:00am, unless the exam proctologist instructs you otherwise. There will be no talking during the exam and restroom stops will only be permitted one at a time.

The Woman in Red

As our front page notes, after you remove the General Election funds, Hillary has $11.7 million left.

With debts of 8.7 million, much of which dates back to Super Tuesday, even Iowa, (pissing off small companies that will dread ever doing business with her again) and a personal loan of $5 million, Hillary is in the red. Deeply in the red.

The coming credit wars

This week, several credit card issuers testified before an unamused and largely uninformed collection of congresscritters. Mark Udall, Barney Frank, and others questioned Bank of America reps and other credit card issuers about outrageous fees, late fees, and unaccounted for increases in credit rates.

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