RNC – live blogging

I’m watching, so you can ignore the pain. It’s embarrassing to call this live. A ancient, lily white audience, hung over, bored, sparse. When Bob Dole looks more alive and healthier than most of the delegates, wow.

Sominex, Ambien, Unisom, GOP Convention – is there any difference?

Fred Thompson.
No, wait, let’s make him exciting.


hmmmm. Not working.

* F R E D * – * T H O M P S O N * * ! ! ! *

Forget it. As will 99.98% (same as Ivory Soap) of the population that managed to refrain from changing the channel or those too deep asleep to find their remote.

The Sarah Palin saga only gets worse

When Vegas starts posting odds on when a VP nominee’s name will be withdrawn from consideration, you know that something is brewing.

It turns out that there’s more fire than smoke. The questions keep growing, so let’s keep it simple, who, how, why, when, and where.


McCain picks a Trophy Veep, Sarah Palin

She’s more conservative and pro oil than Dick Cheney.
She’s more anti-abortion than Mike Huckabee
She’s more ultra-religious than most televangelists
She’s a firm believer in Creationism, hates those who teach evolution.
She’s about to be indicted for firing a State Commissioner who refused to fire her ex-brother in-law Mike Wooten.
She’s pro drilling off shore

The Democratic Gala in Denver

It’s not just the IraqNam fiasco, nor the economic meltdown, illegal domestic spying, not even the preference of corporate rights over individual ones. There’s a lot more at stake, and it is no simple boxing match.

A White House Press Conference from Hell

Senator, the Turks have been loyal allies to Europe and America for a generation. They have a viable, thriving democracy, and deal fairly with all, despite their religious’ sects’ differences. Then, there is the Kurdish problem. What should America’s role be with respect to the Kurds? Especially when they continue to attack Turks on their own soil?

The REAL problem the Democrats face this year

No, it is not a doddering, multi-mansion owning, senile, old man, whose sole claim to fame was due to being shot down in an ill-advised war. Nor is it the Rovian attack goon squad originally assembled to shoot down John McCain’s previous run for president. (which now uses the same dirty tactics against the democratic candidate)

John McCain and Senile Dementia

I’m no doctor, nor have I ever played one on TV. But family members and close friends have suffered from serious mental declines and problems. Watching a loved one change for the worse is emotionally exhausting, frustrating, demoralizing, and depressing. Denial only works for so long.

I need more time off.

Come to think of it, I DO need more time off. Fractured leg, screwed up back, hip, neck, and heavy duty pain meds tend to prevent one from doing his job. But, enough about mois. Let’s talk about another walking wounded warrior. W.

W, as in George W.

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