Hal Brown

Repost of McCain’s pounding beats Obama’s rope-a-dope debate style

The polls and pundits say I was wrong in the conclusion I arrived at immediately after the debate. I’ll gladly take my knocks for writing this: Muhammad Ali mastered the rope-a-dope and beat harder punching sometimes flailing opponents. Obama allowed McCain to hit him with verbal attacks without stinging counter-punches. Perhaps he was hoping McCain would make mistakes to exploit with an effective comeback. He didn’t.

McCain: Excuse me while I cancel the campaign to campaign.

McCain canceled his campaign but had to remind us at the Clinton Global Initiative that he’s an “old Navy pilot” and he knows “when a crisis calls for all hands on deck.” * I thought he was channeling John Kerry ( see image ) and expected him to salute. Barney Frank picked up on McCain’s imagery saying he’s going to airdrop himself into Washington. ** McCain is turning the efforts to resolve our financial crisis into a campaign opportunity and an unfunny Pythonesque Flying Circus. Sadly he’s no John Cleese and his partner is no Michael Palin.

Garden variety liars: Palin and McCain

Updated with the most repugnant lie of all, and yes, it has to do with racism. I did a little research and neither candidate fits the usual psychiatric criteria for either of the two kinds of liars, pathological and compulsive. I was hoping there might be a “shrink the candidates” column in it.* Flatulence is malodorous but isn’t necessarily a sign of disease. Sure the lies stink, but their serial lying to adoring acolytes chanting “country first” and booing Obama is plain old self-serving manipulative lying.

The hacked Palin emails, plus Campaign Reflections in the mirror of lies: Palin is all stump and no tree

“”There’s nothing wrong with small towns. In fact, I think all the best people in the world I know come from small towns.”*

Part 1: Now dated comments on the hacking of Sarah Palin’s Yahoo email.

Part 2: How McCain and Palin are proving to be transparently obvious compulsive serial lying liars whose adoring acolytes don’t seem to have the gray matter to discern the truth.

With apologies to our porcine friends, the lipstick is off the Palin pig

In a day’s time we now have discovered that Palin’s visit to the Irag combat zone wasn’t much more than her visit to Ireland, and she’s hired at least five high school friends with questionable credentials to well paid state jobs. If this doesn’t reveal the true Palin to those who think she’s a reformer I don’t know what will.

You don’t have to be partisan to vote for the party and not the person

I’ve about had it with American voters who will vote on emotion instead of reason. The final unlikely straw for me wasn’t a statement by a Clinton supporter now voting for McCain. It came when I saw the head of a Muslim group describe a two hour meeting that began with 50 people leaning towards Obama and ending with all but five saying they’d vote for McCain. Why? Because they felt Obama wasn’t paying enough attention to them.

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