Diva whack job Palin, McCain’s pig in a poke and his buyer’s remorse

Chris Mathews on the Palin is a “whack job” comment: He said that “a McCain senior top adviser” narrows it down to two or three people in the campaign. He said the person who reported this, Mike Allen, “is a serious reporter, Mike Allen is serious business”.

Palin was called a diva by people in the McCain campaign, advisers that the American Spectator reports are former Romney aides. It appears that John McCain is regretting selecting Sarah Palin as his running mate because she turned out to be a liability who thinks she’s the biggest baddest barracuda in the ocean and because intellectually while he’s listening to Wagner’s ‘Ride of the Valkyries’ on the “Apocalypse Now” soundtrack she’s humming the Miss America theme song.

Palin’s $150,000 wardrobe: She’s a one-woman earmark!

The Obama campaign has generally avoided “turn around is fair play” because they play fair. They’ve objected to personal attacks against Obama but haven’t responded tit for tat.

In this wardrobe case the chickens have come home to roost in the Republican hen house and it is all their own doing.

Powell provides poetic justice to racists

Irony of ironies for the racists, Colin Powell’s endorsement may very well have been the loosening of the final lugnut on a wheel of the McCain Straight Talk Express bus, causing the campaign to go into the ditch.

October Surprise UPDATE: Confirmed, McCain pilots, Palin kills Osama bin Laden, Obama polls plummet

October 28, 2008 — BAGHRAM AIR BASE, AFGHANISTAN: A man closely fitting the description of Osama bin Laden has been shot and killed by Governor Sarah Palin from a light plane flown by Senator John McCain. A statement issued by US officials said that McCain and Palin acted without official sanction but had access to military intelligence from ground and satellite sources that bin Laden and a small group were thought to be traveling along a mountain trail in the rugged mountain region just across the Afghan border in Pakistan. (Scroll down and read comments for updates)

Was Gayle Quinnell told to ask McCain the Arab question?

Gayle Quinnell is the 75 year old woman who was corrected by John McCain when she said Barack Obama couldn’t be trusted because he’s an Arab. This gave McCain a chance to demonstrate that he isn’t inciting hatred in his crowds. His response was “he’s a decent family man citizen.” Somehow he couldn’t bring himself to say “American”. Some of my friends suggested the woman was a plant, told by McCain operatives to ask the question. Viewing the exchange seems to lend credence to this charge.

McCain gets angry. Palin gets even. Pinched, will they pay the piper?

McCain’s angry outbursts have been reported by members of Congress for years. But he has remained popular with them. There are no comparable reports of such behavior by Palin, but she does have a pattern of getting even when she’s been crossed. Now McCain’s rhetoric has inflamed crowds so much he’s been forced to defend Obama. Palin’s crafted image as a reformer has been tarnished by troopergate [which we just learned is hardly over (LINK)]. They pushed the limits and they’ve been pinched, McCain by public outrage and Palin by Alaska justice. Now will they pay the piper?

Debate: McCain, an angry rusty robot, Obama urbane, in Nashville knockabout

Updated with evidence McCain may be a rageaholic. Brokaw said McCain was trying to be the mischievous imp, but the candidate I saw looked like an angry rusty robot finding ways to insert just about all his stump speech attacks against Obama into non-answers to questions. Maybe it’s just me but his interjecting "my friends" 22 times made him sound like a shifty salesman. He even called Obama "my friend" once, although he also pointed at him another time while turning away from him, and referred to him with contempt as "that one".

Palin, you have no idea what the 1960s were like so shut up about Bill Ayers.

I wasn’t a radical like Bill Ayers, but I knew young men and women very much like him. While I disagreed with violent protests, what we’d be justified in calling domestic terrorism today, I understood their motivations very well. I was a student at Michigan State, one of the primary campuses where the anti-war movement took shape (link)*. I was an anti-war protester and leader of my graduate department’s student anti-war group. I knew several members of the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) and very possibly a Weatherman or Black Panther, at least to say hello to. Did that make me a pal of terrorists? Hardly.

Palin bewitching as vice president, terrifying as president.

Updated 10/4/08 – Despite the pronouncement that she wants to expand the role of the vice president, don’t look for that to happen if McCain wins. Instead she’ll become the Lucy to Ricky Ricardo in the presidential twosome. She’ll provide lots of yuks and a bottomless well of inanity for Tina Fey to spoof.

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