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I admit I have a man crush on Obama

My last column tweaked Joe Lieberman* for having a man crush on McCain.(The term gained popularity in 2005. link) I’ve written about the slavering masses willing to follow Sarah Palin off the White Cliffs of Dover. But I just came across a photo essay I’d missed from the November 5, 2008 Boston Globe and when I saw the pictures of Obama giving the fist bump to Robert Gibbs’s little boy (no. 27 – links to single photos), the photo of Malia and Sasha running to meet their dad as he was getting off an airplane (no. 32 link), and Michelle and Barack, foreheads together (no. 16 link), I knew I’d been smitten for some time.

Joe Lieberman had a man crush on McCain and Obama knows it

Updated 11/23/08: On the term “man crush”. This phrase gained some popularity in 2005. And guess who the example was? (Read this article – it’s about Lieberman and…. BUSH.)

More on Joe Lieberman: I’m especially glad I wrote what I did last week (below) now that the good senator couldn’t bring himself to say the simple words “I’m sorry” about his attacks against Obama when he was on Meet the Press today.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Once upon a time I was undecided about who I’d support for president between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Then Hillary went negative, suggesting that only she and McCain were qualified to be Commander-in-Chief, and Obama revealed himself to be a steady sober statesman with ideas I believed in. I wrote some damning columns about how Hillary conducted her campaign, once writing about the “stench” of her campaign. While not engaged in throwing brickbats at her, I did take the time to write a more analytic column based on the psychology of grief as applied to Hillary’s dealing with losing the nomination.

With her poised to be Secretary of State Clinton I think revisiting that column is appropriate.

Nixon gave us “The Plumbers”, McCain gave us “Joe the Plumber” and now Obama has given us “48 Plumbers.”

We now learn the Obama really was indeed “measuring the drapes for the Oval Office” for a long time prior to the election, but not in the way the Republicans told it. The story in the Washington Post, “Obama Positioned to Quickly Reverse Bush Actions”, describes the efforts he made to reverse as many of the executive orders of the soon to be late, unlamented Bush administration as quickly as he could.

Massachusetts racism: My blue state has a pink stripe

The map showing areas across the country where people changed their party vote from four years ago is very telling. It designates shifts with shades of red and blue. The shift showing Kerry to McCain votes this year has a not totally surprising red and pink stripe through Appalachia. With pink indicating slightly more people voting Republican in this election, there’s a pink stripe from southeastern Massachusetts through the center of the state to its northern border. Could this be due to racism in our reliably blue state?

For me, literally tears and blood

My wife and I drink wine, occasionally beer, and not hard liquor. But yesterday, hoping the polls were right, I wanted to buy a bottle of something to drink to celebrate Obama’s victory. I considered a good champagne but ruled that out since we’d only be drinking our limit of one glass. Then with the image in my mind of the two main characters of the TV show “Boston Legal” sipping scotch on the balcony overlooking Boston at the end of every show, I thought why not buy an expensive bottle of scotch.

Prediction: McCain wins courtesy of Palin’s pact with his Satanic Majesty

I predict McCain will win the electoral college by the votes in one state, and Obama will win the popular vote. Defying all the polls and the pundit’s predictions McCain will go to sleep when the returns are in thinking he’s been blessed by a miracle from Heaven. Perhaps he’ll believe that Palin’s praying with the Kenyan pastor Bishop Thomas Muthee snatched righteous victory from witch’s jaws of defeat.

To all undecided voters: Vote for John Mcain, if…. with an afterthought from Arnold Schwarzenegger

If everything John McCain says in his stump speech and on his website is true, if you think that he’s better qualified to be president because he’s fought for America and has the scars to prove it, if you think the way he ran his campaign demonstrates character traits you want in a president, if you believe that he has the temperament to handle a crisis, if you accept his views on who’s qualified to be on the Supreme Court, and if you are confident about Sarah Palin becoming president if he’s not able to serve his full term, of course you should vote for McCain.

With one word McCain admits the whole Obama Bill Ayers judgment, tainted by ACORN charges were big fat lies.

(Halloween update added here) For weeks we heard McCain and Palin and their surrogates tell us that Barack Obama’s judgment was in question because he palled around with Bill Ayers. He was supposedly tainted by his “connection” with ACORN. Commercials with Rezko were aired suggesting guilt by association with a convicted felon. Outside the actual campaign right wing bloviaters added Reverend Wright as proof Obama lacked good judgment, or worse, agreed with some of Wright’s inflammatory rhetoric. Now McCain admits Obama’s character is just fine. Now they admit it. It all was a big fat lie.

Diva whack job Palin, McCain’s pig in a poke and his buyer’s remorse

Chris Mathews on the Palin is a “whack job” comment: He said that “a McCain senior top adviser” narrows it down to two or three people in the campaign. He said the person who reported this, Mike Allen, “is a serious reporter, Mike Allen is serious business”.

Palin was called a diva by people in the McCain campaign, advisers that the American Spectator reports are former Romney aides. It appears that John McCain is regretting selecting Sarah Palin as his running mate because she turned out to be a liability who thinks she’s the biggest baddest barracuda in the ocean and because intellectually while he’s listening to Wagner’s ‘Ride of the Valkyries’ on the “Apocalypse Now” soundtrack she’s humming the Miss America theme song.

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