Are there any brave Republicans in the House?

Today the House voted to pass Obama’s economic stimulus plan. Each and every Republican voted against it. How bad could it be? Sure there was some pork. One could assert some of it smacked of socialism. But really, 100% marching in lock-step? At least ten or twelve Democrats had the courage to vote against it, presumably on principle.

Bush, up, up, and away: first you salute, then you de-bush.

I sat with my elderly cat Phyllis Ann on my right arm as the Marine One, the helicopter temporarily designated Executive One since it was taking the former president, George W. Bush, up, up and away forever from his White House home. For some strange reason I felt compelled to exercise a precise military salute, albeit with my left hand. It seemed a fitting goodbye. Obama and Michelle, Sasha and Malia, had me in such good spirits that I felt no bitterness watching Bush leave for Texas acting as if he was Michael Phelps coming home from his triumph in Beijing. 

Clinton v. Palin: Comparing two might-have-been vice presidents

Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin both came “this close” to being vice president. Obama could easily have selected the former to be his running mate and I have no doubt he would have won handily with her at his side. Had it not been for the financial melt-down, a victorious McCain would have elevated Palin to the vice presidency. Watching Clinton in her confirmation hearing for secretary of state I am unable to envision Palin displaying such a depth and breathe of knowledge about world affairs for hours on end.

Caroline Kennedy’s “you knows” turn into “You? No.”

(Updated) Caroline Kennedy’s interview with The Daily News complete with the words “you know” interjected five 200 plus times in two sentences a half hour may very well derail her chances to be appointed to fill the Senate seat being vacated by Hillary Clinton. While her friends describe her as being shy my view as a therapist is that she may be pathologically shy. In other words, her shyness is may be* a symptom of some kind of phobia.

Obama, Biden, McCain, Palin, give writers coal for Christmas

Alas. What are we here at Capitol Hill Blue to do to persuade you to read our columns? We know it’s the provocative column titles about politicians and our intriguing lead paragraphs that prompt you to take a least a quick look at what we write.

The non-story about an Obama connection with Blago fizzled out like an Alka-Seltzer in warm water and the Rick Warren story seems about to go flat. We have the picture of a buff topless Barack. It’s only controversial because we wonder why a Secret Service rifleman didn’t put a red laser circle on the photographer’s forehead.

Obama’s rainbow may not be your rainbow but it looks good to me

In my hometown of Middleboro, Massachusetts some local bloggers consider me a liberal, a moonbat in the vernacular. This is as opposed to a conservative, or a wingnut. If I was, I’d be enraged at Obama. I’m not. The latest furor among progressives (moonbats) is over Barack Obama’s choice of Rick Warren to preachify at his inauguration. Other progressives are critical of some of his cabinet choices and other executive positions because they aren’t liberal enough. Meanwhile all the wingnuts can come up with is to attack Obama because of the non-existent Blago-taint. I find this all one guffaw short of side-splitting hysterical.

The lame duck can duck

Like all of you, I’ve watched the video of the shoe throwing incident several times. I have to say that I am totally impressed with the reflexes demonstrated by President Bush as he ducked twice to avoid the shoes flying not more than five inches over his head. The accuracy of the Iraqi journalist who pitched the shoes makes him a likely candidate to be recruited by the Texas Rangers. Can you imagine what a hurler he’d be throwing a ball instead of a shoe, and what an embarrassment to George Bush he’d be if he was a star on the team he used to own?

Why (I want) Caroline Kennedy to be senator: Think 2016

Updated 12/7/08: A relatively short stint in national politics was good enough for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to aspire to the presidency. Sarah Palin’s tracing paper resume was good enough for her to run for vice president and aspire to the presidency. Why shouldn’t Caroline Kennedy look to spending the next eight years as senator from New York as a springboard to run for president in 2016?

Added: After reading more about her (quotes below), I decided she probably doesn’t want right now to be president, that this is just my fantasy. Not to be too sexist, but she really is the un-Palin. Read on.

Obama infancy not spent in manger nor adrift on the Nile in a basket of pitch coated bulrushes

Obama told America that “contrary to the rumors you’ve heard, I was not born in a manger. I was actually born on Krypton, sent here by my father Jor-El, to save the planet …” The later was, of course, a reference which was totally lost to people not familiar with The Man of Steel. Joke or not, President-elect Obama knows now better than he did before the election when he read those scripted lines that he is bound to disappoint or anger many reformers and progressives expecting him to be Jesus, Moses and Superman all rolled into one.

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