Hal Brown

If you had to make the torture decision, what would you do?

Let’s assume that torture is the only way to extract vital homeland security information that you know one in a hundred prisoners has. Let’s further assume that we know with 25% certainty that the person has time sensitive information that if revealed would save thousands of lives and 75% chance the prisoner doesn’t. If you had to make the torture decision what would you do?

CHB’s resident sexologist on GOP teabagging and the media

Let’s get the definition out of the way on the front page without any coy links or highlight to read type. Teabagging refers to the sexual act of taking someone’s testicles into your mouth.  Some gay and straight men like this. All gay men know about it. The GOP’s tax protests have been making the news, and some commentators have noted how out of touch they are to have used the term teabagging to describe them. 

Columnist’s lament: The irrelevancy of easy targets

 A friend writes, referring to Obama, "Capitol Hill Blue is slamming your man lately ????" I wrote back "I think in part this is because it is easier for writers to attack than praise. The later is generally boring and with the Internet you can see how many people read your articles. On the hit counter, nasty beats nice.

Who do the Republicans have for us to bash? 

Did Obama fiddle while your house burned?

I set the DVR and decided to watch President Obama on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in the morning before I checked out the critical response. I did catch the New York Post front page "No Joke! O Yukes it Up on Leno As Economy Burns", on Morning Joe before I could stop live TV. Uh oh, I thought, has Obama lost his mind or is this just The Post being The Post? (Also comment on "60 Minutes" gallows humor.)
I watched the show and yes, it was The Post being The Post. I won’t  look at other papers  until I write this.

Sex, drugs and rock’n Rush

Rusty Republicans are getting a rush on with Rush Limbaugh who amazingly has replaced Sarah Palin as the sex symbol of the GOP. Creaky old conservatives who missed the fun of the free love generation are getting stoned breathing in Rush Limbaugh’s hot air. If they end up in control of the party agenda, Republicans who know they can never regain power in D.C. without the independent vote will challenge the Rushites current strangle hold on the GOP. 

Death and taxes: And you thought you were afraid of sharks

Turn on the news and talk shows and everyone’s talking about the economy. It’s damn depressing. The good news is that it looks like most of us will be getting tax cuts. You don’t hear the bad news which has nothing to do with the economy. Now then, we are all going to die but those of us paying attention realized the other day that there’s a remote chance we’re all going to die at once.

The right to say “I told you so”

Both parties have the right to say "I told you so" a few years from now when it comes to the stimulus plan. The economists and pundits tell us that there are questionable parts of the stimulus bill while the Republicans tell us it’s a pork bloated waste of tax payer money. They say it’s better to give the money to the private sector and trust them to do what’s right for the unwashed masses.

Republicans voting “no” and hoping for failure

Damn that human nature. Republicans stood by their economic philosophy that government programs are nothing more than useless welfare, and the way to stimulate the economy is by cutting taxes. Now all they have to to is hope that God is on their side and pray for the Democrat’s stimulus package to fail. If it fails it will change the balance of power in Congress in 2010 and diminish Obama’s 2012 reelection chances.

Are there any brave Republicans in the House?

Today the House voted to pass Obama’s economic stimulus plan. Each and every Republican voted against it. How bad could it be? Sure there was some pork. One could assert some of it smacked of socialism. But really, 100% marching in lock-step? At least ten or twelve Democrats had the courage to vote against it, presumably on principle.