Hal Brown

Bad faith “good faith” cancer in the White House

The chief legal doctor’s lie: Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales assured the Senate Judiciary Committee that the Justice Department had no intention of avoiding Senate input on the hiring of U.S. attorneys. (1/18/07)

The malpractice case: Just a month earlier, D. Kyle Sampson, who just resigned as Gonzales’s chief of staff, laid out a plan to avoid Senate input on the hiring of U.S. attorneys to replace those who they planned to fire.

Latin America: Bush ‘braving’ burnin

My first reaction to seeing so-called leftist radicals in Latin American rioting and setting American flags on fire in anticipation of Bush’s visit was that Bush had to be a masochist to submit to that. But on second thought I realized that this did not fit into his personality profile as a hard core narcissist. On third thought I saw the public relations fingerprints of the post-Libby trial Karl Rove.

Odds change: Cheney could resign or die in office

Update Mar. 7, 2006:

This quote from today’s New York Times struck me because it supports my view that people whose identity rests on being perceived as "men’s men" like Cheney internalize their stress under a "thick hide" and set themselves up for heart attacks:

Sanctified at CPAC

I am delighted to report that those attending the CPAC conference this weekend should have an uplifting time. Those bratty ‘crats can only muster a bunch of geriatric Hollywood has beens like Susan Sarandon, Barbra Streisand, James Brolin, Ted Danson, Mary Steenburgen, Jason Alexander and some guy that played Meathead to their shindigs.

Rewards and punishment in the Bush administration


It may be a part of human nature to try to reward your friends and punish your enemies. This happens in government when administrations change. It comes with the job and it’s expected. There is a point, however, when this is taken too far. This is when those elected by the people to serve them use their power to reward and punish to hire less than the best person for a job and fire highly competent officials.

Here are two examples.