Hal Brown

Randall Tobias: The moral masturbation man

Masturbation or massage? Potato or potata? There’s no reason to preach to the choir here on CHB about sexual hyocprisy, but I do have a few thoughts about former Ambassador Tobias, the latest Bushie to get caught with someone other than his wife’s hands in his pants.

Bush’s theme song: “Over There”

The president, if he believes what he says, should admit it and tell us that our troops won’t come back till it’s over, over there. If we are fighting al Qaeda terrorists there to keep from fighting them here, the country should rally behind the president just like they did in the two world wars.

Cheney nabbed rushing to lie

Bush’s lies to large audiences are more judiciously phrased. But Dick Cheney lies to the likes of Rush Limbaugh and his 15 million listeners. Cheney must be wearing an asbestos codpiece as tells his bald-faced lies to keep his manhood from being toasted with his pants afire.

This week we had another highly credible debunking of a major Bush-Cheney lie about the reason for invading Iraq. (See “Pentagon report debunks prewar Iraq-Al Qaeda connection” Christain Science Monitor)

Bush’s Talking Points Are Making Me Sick

I love being a columnist but it means I have to listen to Bush and his lap dummies repetitious verbal diarrhea again and again and again to come up with new ideas for things to write about.
You might think a therapist could handle hearing illogical statements without getting in a tizzy. The words coming out of the mouths of Bush and those privileged characters who Karl Rove allows before a camera spin a convection with as much substance as cotton candy drive me to distraction. 

Deadeye Sheriff Pelosi to Gunsel Bush: “There’s a new Congress in town”


All of us over the age of forty are familiar with the old saw from the westerns "there’s a new sheriff in town." The hero of countless westerns rides into the lawless town to save the day, and with resonating confidence annouces that now that he’s there, things are about to change for the better because there’s a new sheriff in town.


Pt. 2 – Unfit for Duty: Bush’s “Pet Goat” Minutes

(Update below) – On Tuesday night Keith Olbermann on MSNBC threw a question to guest Bill Maher that seemed to give this quick witted comedian a few seconds of pause.
The question was, basically, if you could ask Bush one question while he was hooked up to a lie detector, what would it be?
Maher’s first answer was that he’d  ask Bush under truth serum if he really thought he was in over his head.

Gonzales Oblivious as Reality Bites Bush

If the body language in this Associated Press photo is any indication Alberto "Fredo" Gonzales may be in for a rude awakening when Godfather Bush decides it’s time for him to sleep with the fishes.