Hal Brown

Perhaps we should become the world’s SWAT team.

In the 1980's as a reserve police officer in Michigan I was a member of what was called the "hostage team". Once a month we met with the local FBI agents who, in addition to bringing the donuts, also sometimes brought their high tech gadgets.

Gupta-gate: Hillary Clinton at the pillory

The Clinton's roadmap to a presidential dynasty seems to have been drawn in part by Republican fat cats. How else can we interpret their acceptance of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of gifts from Vinod Gupta, a multimillionaire donor to all things Clinton, whose own company sold consumer data to telemarketing criminals who used it to steal money from elderly Americans.

American Idol and Monica Goodling

We have two new stars. One has actual talent the other has a talent for evasion.

Monica Goodling didn't show the signs of flop sweat her boss, Alberto Gonzales, did when pausing for what seemed like interminable seconds trying to think of the answer that wouldn't get her Bushie credentials revoked.

Is McCain out of his fucking mind? (Updated)

McCain supposedly has quite a temper. His shouting “fuck you” to fellow Republican Senator John Cornyn is troubling. Do we want his finger on the nuclear button?

Update: Blogging in Time Magazine, Ana Marie Cox reports McCain’s “my gun is bigger than yours” comment about Mitt Romney.

Alberto Gonzales, God and the Higgs

We are now approaching the endgame both for Gonzales and the quest for the Higgs boson, the God particle. I thought the second coming of a Monica would be what doomed Gonzo. But now we have proof from John Ashcroft's former Deputy Attorney General James Comey that beneath the affable exterior of our A.G. lurks the cold heart of Tony Soprano.

Bush won’t do it, so Congress should fire Gonzales

UPDATED – I don't expect a president with no moral compass to fire an unethical subordinate who followed his dictates and got into trouble for doing so. That's why it would be internally inconsistent for Bush to fire Alberto Gonzales. He did exactly what Bush wanted.

Cleaning the White House

Rove and Gonzales tortured the Constitution. Like the eight fired prosecutors, they serve at the pleasure of the president. Bush doesn’t need due process to fire them. They don’t have to be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of a crime.

Democrats should drop the talking points too

It’s not just Republicans that mouth the same shopworn talking points. If anything demonstrated a need for the Democratic candidates to rid their minds of talking points before answering a reporter’s questions, Obama’s and Edwards’ responses to a loaded question from Brian Williams does so in spades.