Hal Brown

Happy Birthday Alberto

Another one of Geroge Bush’s squeaky toys is leaving the presidential bathtub. The very lame duck Alberto probably won’t be spending his August 5th 53rd birthday floating in the suds in his patron’s bathtub and being given endearing squeezes by the boss who he squeaked for since the good old boy days in Texas.

Alberto has more in common with Bush than many people realize.

Silly Bush loses his “mind”

Word is that Karl Rove finally tired of being the butt of best buddy Bush’s jovial jabs. “Turd blossom” was tolerated, but being called “my own personal Capitol Rotunda” is said to have been the last straw that Karl could gracefully take on his dromedary hump. He will join Tony “my personal snowball” (said to be on the way out too) in leaving the center ring of Bush’s increasingly lunatic circus.

So it ends, with the briefest “blink and you miss it” hug (I think Putin got more hug time) and a lightening quick presidential “pat – pat” on the back.

How can you not be cynical?

Is it any surprise that we’ve lost track of over 100,000 guns in Iraq? A cynic might wonder if the guns even were manufactured, let alone made it to Iraq or were just billed for by defense contractors. Either way, its our tax dollars not at work.

Missing body armor and five missing Iraqi cabinet ministers, and we’re supposed to be winning this war? Can you imagine (one can fantasize) if five of Bush’s cabinet went missing?

Embolden this, Bush

According to Bush, if we leave Iraq we embolden extremist movements throughout the Middle East.

I heard him twang out these words the other day. I know what it means but I looked it up anyway: the courage or confidence to do something or to behave in a certain way. Give me an effing break! The terrorists need more confidence? (Afterword added 8/4/07: Why Bush is no FDR)

At last the proof is here: Bush is an idiot.

One sentence, primarily one word, in Bush’s press conference proves it. “The same folks that are bombing innocent people in Iraq were the ones who attacked us in America on September the 11th, and that’s why what happens in Iraq matters to the security here at home.” Dear readers, dear folks, the people blowing the crap out of themselves and hundreds of Iraqis every week are, well, just folks.

7/17 – Speaking of his success in fighting al Qaeda he said but for his “staying on the offensive” (fighting them “there”) they “”would have been a heck of a lot stronger today …” Heck! Aw shucks, I’m impressed with mighty Bush saved us from heck. My hero!

Me vs. George Bush

The radio said that George W. Bush is a birthday boy turning 61. It got me to thinking that I am only 63, just two years older than our president. Could I do a better job? I mean, Bush, he seems like a perpetual adolescent playing at being president to me.

The prospect of Wampanoag resort casino in Middleboro exposes the underbelly of racism.

March, 2009 Addendum: This article had an unexpected and unintended effect in my hometown. Please read an explanation here.

I’ve been so immersed in trying to fight a virulent minority in my town consisting of people who are against having a Mashpee Wampanoag Native American Resort Casino here that I have barely attended to the national news. I have learned a lot about how well organized people with a good playbook like the one posted on the website of a national anti-Indian sovernity organization called Citizens Equal Rights Alliance (CERA)* can rally narrow-minded, prejudiced, and fearful people to a cause that won’t benefit them at all.

Two weeks without the news.

I’ve been so busy, so preoccuppied, with trying to get our town’s residents to accept that our New England town wouldn’t turn into a den of drug fiends and prostitutes if we let a casino in that I’ve barely paid attention to the news.

Have I missed anything?

2nd Update: More about racism against Native Americans in my hometown

(Added: Tribe responds to threat of protest at their powwow.) I’ve decided to add to my column rather than writing a new one for the weekend because another example of racism has emerged among those who are trying to stop the Mashpee Wampanoag from building a resort casino here in Middleboro, Mass.