November 19, 2017 | In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
Monday, November 20, 2017

Ace college debater Hillary Rodham may have destroyed her less intellectually agile opposition, but now she faces an intellectual equal who also happens to exude the kind of political charisma that won her husband two terms as president. To negate his words she says they are cheap... which is another way of calling him a liar.

Without a swaggering, barely articulate, brush clearing "brat and a Bud Bush" the mouth breathers can relate to, and a Karl Rove to orchestrate the hate campaign, what can we expect from the far right opinion leaders when they seek to promote their less than ideal candidate?

If Hillary Clinton is the candidate talk show bigots and swift boaters will use anything and everything to lift the rotting logs of sexism and get their creepy crawlies to the polls. They will stoke the flames of racial and religious racial animus against Barak (fanatical Muslim) Hussein Obama if he is the candidate.
I knew about Hillary's tornado ambition, not only from press accounts but from an inside source. I knew she sometime put her personal goals before what was best for the Democratic Party. But as long as her tornado stayed in the remote prairie I gave her a pass.

But this tornado started ripping apart people's houses. Because of this I will vote for Obama in Massachusetts. Now I am turning my shrink's eyes* from Bush to the Clintons because I want to understand why she'd let he campaign go so negative. What I see isn't as noxious as Bush's personality disorder, but we shouldn't ignore possible negative reasons the wife of a serial philanderer stands by her man.

Could anyone be so gullible to believe that the White House had not one archivist, just one GS-15 level geek with access to the higher powers, to tell them that emails had to be saved and how to do it? Either Barney ate the email, or the Bush administration broke the law. The congressional Republicans nailed President Clinton for the very thing President Bush seems to have done. Yet they scrapped the email archiving system Clinton put in place to retain emails in favor of what by recent accounts appears to be no system at all. Now they must be held accountable.

In their ominously titled Truthout essay What is He Capable Of? The Presidential Psychology at the End of Days, Briggs and Briggs describe President George W. Bush as having a personality that operates in a defensive binary mode. That's fancy shrink talk for someone who sees things in black and white and thus avoids the anxiety that comes with ambiguous shades of gray. It translates to "you either love me or you hate me."
George McGovern, sharp as a tack at age 85, isn't naive and he knows the chances of an impeachment of Bush and Cheney are slim to none. But he makes a damn good case. I was immersed in the politics of the 1972 elections as a graduate student leader of the Social Work Department's anti-war movement at Michigan State University. Like many others of the time we considered Senator McGovern, Senator Eugene McCarthy and former Attorney General and Senator Robert Kennedy to be our heroes, the hopes for change and the end to the Vietnam War.
Capitol Hill Blue reports that Bush was so livid that Attorney General Mukasey is pursuing the CIA tapes case investigation that he wanted to fire him. If he knew who Mukasey selected to lead a full-scale criminal investigation was he'd have gone into an apoplectic rage. Even without the vast powers of a special prosecutor, federal prosecutor John H. Dunham could be a barbed harpoon in Bush's side for the rest of his presidency and beyond. He's the career prosecutor U.S. Attorney General Janet C. Reno appointed to investigate allegations that FBI agents and police officers in Boston had been in bed with the mob. Janet Reno!
New Englanders are happy having a team named The Patriots go undefeated this season. Sadly, the patriots we count on to win for all of us had a sorry season. In fact, they've had a sorry six and a half years. Lay the blame on the Bush administration, its lackies in the House and Senate, and the timid Democrats who played politics as if it were a game. Football is a game. Politics is real life.

Bush and the Jesus Juggernaut

Thanks to one good judge we will soon discover which evangelical power brokers made the pilgrimage to The Holy House of George and how often they got down and diety with the our most pious president. Anyone want to place bets on whether Rev. Ted Haggard is on the list?
Updated Not quite. Despite the evidence of his petulant introduction to his Rose Garden address Monday, he's still the bully using the bully pulpit of the presidency to lash out at those who would dare to thwart his imperial ambitions. Add to that his hawkish hallucinations about Iran still being a nuclear threat from Tuesday's press conference. He's hardly weeping under his pillow.