Hillary and Bush are alike: Damn the experts I’m the decider (plus: George Stephanopoulos stands up to Hillary, literally)

5/4/08 Not worth a full column: Using the excuse that she wanted to be able to see a questioner from the audience, Hillary rose from her chair opposite George’s this morning, and never sat down. (NEW: David Brooks noted this too.) George stayed seated for one question but when it became apparent Hillary wasn’t about to sit down, he also stood up and had to stand for the rest of the hour.

Rev. Wright’s spastic black marching band imitation a fitting finale to his moment of TV glory.

I just watched the Wright segment that Steven Colbert chose to show on his late night show. It was him demonstrating the marching styles of what he would have you think are exclusively white college marching bands with those of Grambling and of Florida A and M.

He described the "white bands" as marching "in excellent European precision" (and obviously many of them don’t) and then got all loosey goosey and sing songy as he did a weird imitation of the jive and jazzy marching style of the mostly black college’s bands.

Reverend Wright Show jumps the shark, Obama should cancel it.

Barak Obama did what he needed to do a few weeks ago by distancing himself from his pastor’s inflammatory rhetoric. That was before Rev. Wright made himself into a show biz franchise. After Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s speeches at the NAACP meeting and the National Press Club it has become apparent that Obama’s biggest challenge now is to marginalize this spotlight hogging blowhard.

The secret dynamic of some white male blue collar Clinton support

Most white Democratic women support Hillary. They see her as the first of their gender to break this, the ultimate American glass ceiling for women. Their husbands and brothers may support her for one or both of two very different reasons.

One, they simply don’t want to vote for a (half) black person, something that has been discussed by analysts. I won’t address that here. Another reason seems to have been ignored. This is that they just can’t conceive of Hill really being the boss of Bill * if she gets elected.

On Bitter: Obama tells it like it is and Clinton may use it to elect McCain

I am so angry I scream inside the more I read about how Clinton is casting Obama as a snob for the "blue collar voters are bitter" remark. When I see her and her surrogates making an issue of this in televised comments I have all I can do to stop from throwing something at the screen.

Must we elect the candidate who is the most adept at talking down to voters who don’t have the stellar IQ which they do without seeming to be talking down to them? I wrote about this in my previous column but now I feel compelled to write this follow-up.

Elitism and snobbery: Obama, electability and the backyard barbeque factor

Update 4/12/08: Click to read this NY Times article and Is Obama a snob? on CHB, and reconsider the following. We had three glimpses into Obama’s personality two weeks ago, and now a fourth, which may convey the impression to some that he’s a prissy intellectual (and now an elitist). Prissy intellectuals (and those perceived as elitists) from Adlai Stevenson to Michael Dukakis don’t become president.

If Hillary Clinton, who no doubt is as much an intellectual as Obama, convinces enough blue collar voters he’s an elitist, and worse, a snob, and he runs against McCain with his war hero and regular guy image, she could be handing the election to a Republican.

Has Bush finally gone bonkers?

We’ve seen signs of Bush coming unwrapped in public appearances such as his recent singing at the Gridiron Club. More about his made up lyrics later. According to Maureen Dowd in "more candid off-the-record ones (comments) — he has seemed goofily happy in recent weeks, prickly no more but strangely liberated and ebullient."

Dowd even invokes the name of the father of psychoanalysis, speculating that perhaps he’s on a Freudian trip.

Hillary’s HeadOn strategy: We love your product but we hate your commercials

If you watch T.V. you’ve seen the commercials which capitalized on one of the most annoying commercials ever to air*. The idea behind them is that the product is so good that consumers will buy it despite the obnoxious way it used to be advertised. Clinton has her own version of this advertising approach.

I heard one commentator enhancing the throwing the kitchen sink description of depth to which her campaign has sunk by saying she’s not only throwing the kitchen sink but the garage disposal as well. How should the classy Obama respond to the flying Clinton Insinkerators?

Hillary’s latest hit job: The 3 A.M. fantasy phone, now hit on YouTube too.

(Updated with parody video) It appears that Hillary Clinton has revitalized her chance to become the Democratic candidate with the message conveyed in her instantly historic telephone advertisement. Parodies are now a hit on YouTube, but it’s too late to do Obama any good.

No matter that should a crisis occur at 3:00 A.M. it’s quite possible that you wouldn’t see a fully dressed president making a decision over the telephone. Those of us who are old enough remember the hotline established in 1963 between Moscow and Washington (LINK). I think Clinton plays on the belief among some Democrats, especially those our age, that she should be the one talking to Dmitri Medvedev at 3:00 A.M., which after all is 11:00 A.M. in Moscow.

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