Yes, February was a brutal, cold month

Yes, February was a brutal, cold month

Hardy souls who shivered and shoveled their way through February in the Northeast now have evidence of just how brutal the weather was, with record cold in at least eight cities and record snowfall in Boston. “We’re the standout globally,” said Art DeGaetano, director of the Northeast Regional Climate Center at Cornell University. “It’s colder […]

Is Obama a disgraceful two bit Chicago hack?

My real life friend posting as “bogofree” writes that Obama is a “disgraceful two bit Chicago hack”. Do I agree? First, I’ll answer with another question. Was Richard J. Daley, the longest serving mayor of any city who ruled Chicago for 21 years, also a “disgraceful two bit Chicago hack”? Wikipedia, accurately in this case, […]

Republicans: Your votes and the abstraction of death

A message to Republicans: Death is not an abstract exercise when your vote directly leads to people dying. Do you know someone, a friend or relative, who had someone dear to them die in the past year? Have you offered your condolences and told them to call you anytime they feel the need to talk?

Well, that’s not enough.

The GOP, goop, and political Pop-tarts

The Republicans want to score political points by entering familiar territory, Alice’s Wonderland. By their topsy turvy logic all ill that has and will come from the B.P. oil disaster is President Obama’s fault. Put aside the fact we can count the number of offshore rigs built during President Bush’s administration, who can forget the […]

Conjuring musings out of grief

Regular readers know my wife of 40 years died in January and that I am struggling to write again. All I can come up with these days is some fragments of thoughts on the news, so here goes. First, watching Rachel Madow trying to pin down a supporter of the Arizona immigration law on the […]

Tea is brown and other musings

My mind is functioning in slow motion these days. It is, after all, only on January 11th that Betty (my wife of 40 years) died. But some disparate things in the news struck me as worth a mention, albeit shared without my acerbic wit. First, the Tea Party. What an asinine name for a political […]

Let’s get real about prohibitions against doctor assisted euthanasia

I stopped posting regular columns in September when my wife of forty years, Betty, was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. Her condition deteriorated rapidly despite the best treatment in the world at the highest rated cancer center in New England. She was hospitalized twice in Boston but never left the hospital the second time. […]

Ten reasons NOT to read Capitol Hill Blue

1) You’re already depressed enough about things in your personal life that you can’t control.

2) Some of Doug’s titles are such downers that you can’t bring yourself to read the column, “Losing America” for example. Trust me. I read it and now I have all I can do to keep from having a second glass of pinot noir.

3) The other columnists, myself included, seem to have refined kvetching to an internet version of graffiti.

Ten reasons for reading Capitol Hill Blue

1) CHB features Doug Thompson, who if he isn’t one of a kind, lord help us…
2) You can follow or join a community of commenters you can actually get to know
3) You can read columnist Phil Hoskins, a Hollywood attorney and activist who founded Take Back West Hollywood.
4) You can read columnist Robert Kezelis, a lawyer, sculptor and writing curmudgeon based south of Chicago.
5) You can read me, a psychotherapist who was recently called a psycho who should be committed by a poster on a local message board…

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