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This Bud’s for who?

Wassup, Mr. G? What'll it be?"

"A Bud. A Bud Light, please, Mr. Barkeep."


"So now, how do you like that Belgian beer?"

"Don't get me started. Is nothing sacred anymore?"

"Well, it's hard to turn down $52 billion. That's what that Belgian brewer InBev is paying for old Anheuser-Busch, isn't it?"

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A few good words about newspapers

Survey the latest news about newspapers -- the unending layoffs of staffers, the ever-shrinking content -- and then understand that there's a threat here, not just for those poor souls in a struggling business, but to you. The threat is of intellectual diminution.

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Let’s start by rebuilding America

The next president, with Congress, will have to put aside stale ideology and engage the federal government in a crash program of job creation -- the most potent way to reverse America's economic decline and growing unemployment. Rebuilding and improving America's rotting infrastructure -- and esprit -- will be one of his most potent tools, and the work can't be exported overseas.

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Our founding fathers knew best

While religion, particularly Christianity, played a key role in the settling of this country, the framers of the Constitution were concerned enough by the potential dangers of its influence on the government to mandate a separation of church and state. With a republic that is now growing rapidly in ethnic and religious diversity, the wisdom of their efforts is increasingly apparent.

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A realistic view of oil drilling

I'd considered titling this column with the easy and obvious Shakespearean variation "To Drill or Not to Drill." But a quick Google search reveals that more than 23,000 incarnations of that phrase are already in use: the notion of drilling for more domestic petroleum is in the air.

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Dangerous drivers fill U.S. highways

Hundreds of thousands of tractor-trailer and bus drivers in the United States carry commercial driver's licenses despite also qualifying for full federal disability payments, and some of those drivers have suffered seizures, heart attacks or unconscious spells, according to a new U.S. safety study obtained by The Associated Press.

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National Mall, national shame

Americans planning to spend some time here this summer -- those who can afford the transportation costs -- probably will want to stroll a few moments on the Mall, Pierre Charles L'Enfant's effort to preserve a pastoral oasis in the new nation's Capitol. It was to be a well- manicured haven in the grand European style for those trying to escape the hustle and bustle of a busy government.

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Reagan returns to radio

Ronald Reagan started on radio, and to radio he returns. America's 40th president will share his conservative and free-market ideas on 60 stations from coast to coast. And not a second too soon.

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