Military’s excuse: ‘It’s the media’s fault’

Kevin Tillman & Jessica Lynch (AP)

Facing accusations that it invented war heroes from Afghanistan and Iraq for propaganda purposes, the US military admitted Wednesday it had made mistakes but said the media was also to blame.

Did the National Guard racially profile its own?

New Mexico’s congressional delegation is calling for an "immediate and thorough investigation" into charges that soldiers from a New Mexico National Guard unit were partially strip-searched in Kuwait last year because many were Hispanic.

Pat Tillman & Jessica Lynch: The cover-up

042407tillman.jpg Kevin Tillman testifies Tuesday (AFP)
An Army Ranger who was with Pat Tillman when the former football star was cut down by friendly fire in Afghanistan said Tuesday a commanding officer had ordered him to keep quiet about what happened.

Bad food and the high cost of loyalty

The other night at the perfectly awful White House Correspondents bash, singer Sheryl Crow and docudrama producer Laurie David (“An Inconvenient Truth”) made their way across the vast landscape of tables to presidential adviser Karl Rove, the man who along with the media, sunspots and the nuclear threat has now become the focal point of blame for everything wrong in the world.

Looking for ways to eliminate gun law loopholes


Grappling with the deadliest shooting spree in U.S. history, lawmakers said Sunday they want to eliminate a gap between state and federal laws that can allow someone with a history of mental illness to buy guns.

Former World Bank execs say Wolfowitz must go

042307wolfie.jpgA group of top former World Bank executives has urged Paul Wolfowitz to resign, as the bank’s watchdog warned his actions were undermining the ability of the institution to carry out development work.

Time to stand up against the gun lobby

Missing from the incredible outpouring of grief in the tragedy at Virginia Tech was the one ingredient that might provide a measure of assurance that it won’t happen again — unrelenting public outrage over the gun culture that has brought us to this excruciatingly sad place.

Ethics for sale?

Millionaire Jared Polis, whose ethics measure prevents a lobbyist from buying a lawmaker even a cup of coffee, is part of a group that has spent more than $150,000 so far trying to influence legislation on Amendment 41.

Polis is a lead financial backer of The Article 29 Coalition, a group formed after voters last fall approved Amendment 41.

Abortion decision energizes opponents

The Supreme Court’s endorsement of the first federal curbs on an abortion procedure in a generation suggests that even with Democrats in control of Congress, efforts to preserve abortion rights may be losing ground.

What about the right to live?

This was the week when I was going to put anger aside and smile again. But then some fool at Virginia Tech picked up guns, killed 32 innocents and blasted the whole nation into sorrow.