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U.S. taught Chinese torture techniques

American military trainers taught Chinese Communist torture techniques at a glass at Guantanamo Bay in 2002, using a chart that was copied verbatum from a 1957 Air Force study of techiques used by the enemy during the Korean war.

Disclosure of the class shows just how accepted the use of torture has become in U.S. treatment prisoners and shows the Bush Administration continues to lie when it claims such techniques are not authorized.

Michigan Sen. Carl Levin said every American would be "shocked" at the revelations.

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No longer a ‘person of interest’

After almost seven years, former biological warfare scientist Steven Hatfill is finally, in the words of one of his lawyers, "an ex-person of interest." He and his legal team will also collect a cash payout of $2.825 million from the Justice department and the department will also buy Hatfill an annuity that will pay him $150,000 a year in recognition of the fact that its heavy-handed
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A giant step backward

I often wonder if Antonin Scalia might not be more comfortable in another century, past not future, one not touched by the miseries and dangers of urbanization. I certainly think we would be if he were.

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U.S. steps up convert ops in Iran

U.S. congressional leaders agreed late last year to President George W. Bush's funding request for a major escalation of covert operations against Iran aimed at destabilizing its leadership, according to a report in The New Yorker magazine published online on Sunday.

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‘Poor planning…lack of vision’

US military operations in Iraq following the 2003 ouster of Saddam Hussein suffered from poor planning and lack of vision, according to an army report released Sunday.

The 696-page report, called "On Point II: Transition to the New Campaign," is the army's historical account of the 18 months following President George W. Bush's declaration of the end of major combat in May 2003.

Military leaders and civilian officials were fixated on military triumph and removing Saddam from power, but paid too little attention to the phases that would follow, said the report posted on the army's combined arms center website.

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So, who’s responsible?

Rather than do something productive to increase fuel supplies, Congress wastes time hunting bogeymen and fabricating distractions. Lately they have excoriated Big Oil for the cardinal sin of "under-investing" in alternative energy.

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Our broken government

Every day there is another example of how our government is broken.

The presidential candidates are so busy assuring us that they have good values, love their country and will give us cheaper energy that they have no time to talk about broken government.

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‘Tis better to flip than flop

As one who stands tall like a lighthouse in a storm, the waves beating futilely against my rock foundations, my literary lamp has always shone in regular intervals to keep simple mariners away from life's shoals.

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