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No reason to make this a federal case

A federal appeals court has thrown out, and properly so, a New York state law requiring airlines to accord decent treatment to passengers trapped on their planes for long periods of time. The law was passed after a 2007 Valentine's Day storm trapped thousands of passengers on board airliners parked on runways at JFK International for up to 10 hours without food, water and functioning toilets.
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Some PR advice for the PR business

Today's column is narrowly focused for the benefit of America's public-relations professionals. The rest of you can just rest easy and amuse yourselves for the next 20 inches or so. As they used to say in the service, "Smoke 'em if you've got 'em," although in today's health-conscious times they probably say, "Denounce 'em if you haven't got 'em."
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American death toll in Iraq tops 4,000

The American invasion of Iraq reached a deadly milestone Sunday as the U.S. soldiers death toll hit 4,000. That milestone was reached when four U.S. soldiers died in a bomb blast in southern Baghdad, less than a week after the invasion reached its fifth anniversary and President George W. Bush called the war "one of the greatest military exercises in the world's history." Although Bush contends the American war effort has brought "peace and stability" to Iraq, more than 50 Iraqis also died in weekend bomb blasts and the death toll continues to mount.
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McCain Pushed For War In Iraq For 10 Years

As America's war in Iraq enters its sixth year, Sen. John McCain is hoping that his long effort to send thousands more U.S. troops -- a "surge" that has helped lower casualties -- will propel him into the White House.

But McCain's record on Iraq is decidedly mixed. If the Arizona Republican proved prescient in his calls for a military buildup, many of his other predictions and prescriptions turned out wrong.

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Sean Hannity Confronted Over His Relationship With Neo-Nazi Hal Turner

The folks over at NewsHounds have been watching their Fox News Channel quarry dither over Senator Barack Obama's associations with pastor Jeremiah Wright, and noted Fox's own Sean Hannity getting himself tripped up in the guilt-by-association tango. Seems that one of Hannity's close chums is a neo-Nazi named Hal Turner who used to be a radio host, is apparently the top man in Bergen, NJ white-supremacist circles, and probably spends a lot of his time in his basement with Star Wars action figures acting out Holocaust-denier versions of The Return of the Jedi. In short, just the sort of person with whom you'd imagine Sean Hannity spends a lot of formational time with.

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