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‘Hope’ rhetoric no longer sells in Ohio

Hope and jobs are in short supply in Ohio eight months after President Barack Obama won the recession-battered state in the 2008 election with promises of a better future.

"People were looking for a savior to get us out of this mess and that's why they voted for Obama," said Jeff Fravor, 55, a retired train conductor on his way to breakfast on the outskirts of Toledo.

"I've nothing against Obama personally, but he's new to the job and 'hope' won't fix this mess."

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Beer diplomacy won’t heal racial divide

The need for President Barack Obama to conduct "beer diplomacy" between a respected black scholar and the white policeman who arrested him demonstrates that race relations have yet to fade into the background of U.S. society.

The American struggle with race flashed back into the national debate when Obama — the country's first black president — inserted himself into the angry give-and-take between the policeman and the professor.

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Homegrown terrorists worry officials

Antiterrorism officials are increasingly concerned about American-bred extremists who travel abroad for terror training and then return home, sometimes quietly recruiting followers over the years.

Federal authorities have issued a bulletin to law enforcement agencies around the country on the heels of the arrest Monday in North Carolina of a man whose devotion to the cause of violent jihad allegedly began 20 years ago.

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Stop the presses: Obama is an American

It's official: Barack Obama is a native-born American. He has a vote of Congress to prove it.

Language in a resolution celebrating the 50th anniversary of Hawaii becoming the 50th state declares that the 44th president of the United States was born there. It passed the House unanimously with 158 Republicans voting for the measure -- even Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, who briefly sought to block or delay it.

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Health care: So much hyperbole, so few facts

Here in Hate City, where the Potomac flows silently past an ever-babbling riverbank, the healthcare reform debate has degenerated into partisan sound-bite salvos. So far, all that is certain is that money is scarce and truth is scarcer.

Elephants and donkeys and blue-dogs are chasing each other's tales. And the news media's idea of balanced coverage is balancing each shovelful of distortion from the Right with a shovelful of distortion from the Left.

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Another close shave for our rights

Then-Vice President Dick Cheney promised that the Bush administration's war on terrorism would be fought on "the dark side." We are still finding out how dark that was.

On Oct. 23, 2001, the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel, the source of so much bad advice during those years, produced a memo arguing that the president could ignore the Constitution, the 1878 Posse Comitatus Act barring the military from being used for law enforcement, and precedent going back to the Civil War to deploy the military against U.S. citizens on American soil.

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The silly debate over Obama’s citizenship

A vocal group of conspiracy theorists known as "birthers" are riling the White House with their persistent claim that Barack Obama is not an American citizen and therefore ineligible to be president.

The claim that the United States' first African-American president was born in Kenya, not Hawaii, first emerged during his presidential campaign, but it has garnered more media attention in the summer "silly season," a traditionally slow news period when many Americans are on vacation.
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The never-ending debate over race

It was astounding the other day to hear a national television pundit state unequivocally that Americans seldom talk about race, that there is no national dialogue on the subject. Has he been living on another planet or in a locked room with no contact with the outside world?

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The road to socialized medicine

"America, America, God shed His grace on thee."

Many demoralized souls felt over recent months that this famous appeal in "America the Beautiful" had been falling on deaf ears.

But we've had a miracle. The socialized medicine freight train, chugging down the track with seeming insurmountable inevitability, has been, for the moment, derailed.

And, miraculously, the derailment has occurred because of values as well as economics.

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