A bitter pill we may have to swallow

The Senate has passed its housing bailout bill; the House is about to; and the White House has agreed to go along.

The Senate bill, likely to be the template for the final bill, is terribly unfair, perhaps inevitably so. For a start, why are people whose homes are in, or in danger of, foreclosure now entitled to help unavailable to people who lost their homes in less excitable times?

Grim reality of Iraq

We learned this month that American men and women will continue to patrol the streets of Iraq for at least two more years — at the least.

Let’s drill the tundra

How much more pain must Americans endure before our masters in Washington let oil companies punch a few holes in the Alaskan tundra? Must we shiver pennilessly in the dark before we may extract new domestic petroleum deposits? Or shall we simply keep buying $111 barrels of oil from people who want us dead?

Hostage to free trade

Unless common sense prevails, the House Democratic leadership may have killed the Colombian free trade agreement and torpedoed pending trade agreements with Panama and South Korea as well.

The newsman’s newsman

The gap between print and electronic journalists has narrowed considerably since the days when newspaper reporters childishly delighted in sabotaging interviews with loud expletives and pulling the plugs on microphones and cameras during important press conferences.

Is the next President being set up?

Anti-war Democrats accused the White House of plotting to saddle the next president with a “quagmire” in Iraq, as General David Petraeus, the head of the US-led forces in the country, faced a second day of scrutiny in Congress.

Welcome back to the war that never ends

After two days of testimony by the top U.S. officials in Iraq, the situation seems to be this: Security is somewhat better but large parts of the country and even Baghdad are not safe; the Iraqi government is improving but still unable to govern effectively; and the Iraqi army, while getting better, is still not really combat capable.

We could do worse than stay in Iraq

A growing number of Democrats have falsely accused Sen. John McCain of “promising” 100 years of war in Iraq. In fact, McCain’s point was that the presence of American forces promotes stability.

Eldorado is not Waco

When I heard that authorities were at the gates of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints compound in Eldorado last week, I immediately thought about the unfortunate culmination of the siege on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco 15 years ago.

When children become ghosts

How could hundreds of children go unreported, uncounted and unprotected while living on a sprawling Texas retreat created by a polygamist sect?

That is a question facing West Texas police and state social workers trying to piece together what went on far from public sight at the Yearning for Zion Ranch in rural Schleicher County.