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Democratic hypocrisy on gays

Democrats say the nation should be ashamed of its ban on gays serving openly in the military. It discourages qualified people from joining the ranks at a time when the armed forces are stretched by two wars, they say, and is degrading to those willing to serve their country.

So what have the Democrats done about it? Nothing, really.

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Dennis the Menace: Impeach Bush

Dennis the Menace is at it again. The mouth that roared in Congress is trying, once again, to impeach President George W. Bush.

Although Bush certainly deserves impeachment for all his high crimes against the Constitution, it will take someone with more clout and credibility than Kuchinich to make that happen. The Ohio Congressman that couldn't is a Capitol Hill joke and a laughing stock to other members on the Hill.

Kucinich, who has also launched two impossible campaigns for President and failed miserably both times, is the Congressional equivalent of a flea climbing up an elephant's leg with rape on his mind.

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Senator Byrd hospitalized

Sen. Robert Byrd, the oldest member of the U.S. Senate and a fierce opponent of the Iraq war, was taken to a Washington-area hospital for observation on Monday after a caregiver noticed that he was lethargic, a spokesman for the West Virginia Democrat said.
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Kennedy recovering from brain surgery

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy was recovering Tuesday at Duke University Medical Center, a day after undergoing risky surgery that experts said was designed to reduce his brain tumor and give chemotherapy and radiation treatments a chance to work. The 76-year-old senator was expected to stay at the North Carolina facility for about a week before returning home to Massachusetts for further treatment.
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Throwing bad money after bad

Hot on the heels of its $307 billion farm-subsidy orgy, Congress barely caught its breath before plunging back into another multibillion-dollar spend-a-thon. The next targets of its affection are mortgage holders, soon to be seduced with other people's money.
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Congress bushwhacks the Prez

President Bush was undoubtedly glad to see Congress leave town for its Memorial Day recess. It was a bad week for him on Capitol Hill and likely a harbinger of more bad weeks to come. The Congress completely deserted him, with wholesale defections by his own Republicans, on the $307 billion farm bill that enshrines and expands the worst abuses of the agribiz subsidy and support system.
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Stupid is as stupid does

Everyone knows President George W. Bush is a few beers short of a six-pack when it comes to intellect but now we have inescapable proof that the Democrats who run Congress are just as dumb and stupid. After doing something the new Congress just doesn't do: Override a veto by the imperialistic Bush, the numnuts who run Congress may find that the whole thing is meaningless because of a stupid mistake. And these are the folks we elected to lead our nation.
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A bumper crop of subsidies

The farm bill's failings have been well documented. It is hugely expensive; it benefits wealthy farmers and agribusinesses already profiting from record high farm prices. It extends subsidies into new areas -- fruits, vegetables, racehorses, salmon; further distorts markets -- by diverting heavily subsidized sugar into heavily subsidized ethanol production, for example.
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